Sunline FX2 Braided Line Dark Green/Blue

Sunline enlisted the help of BASS Elite Series veteran pro, and one of the best frog fisherman on the planet, Dean Rojas, to help develop a braided line that would be perfect for frog fishing and flipping. The result was Sunline’s FX2 Braided Line. Created specifically for these two power techniques, FX2 Braid features 8-strands of polyethylene and polyethylene terephthalate for excellent abrasion resistance and improved color retention. Also offering a smooth, circular shape as opposed to the oval shape of most braided lines, Sunline FX2 Braided Line delivers all the features and performance you would expect from premium Sunline braid.

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Sunline FX2 Braided Line Dark Green/Blue 50lb 125yd $18.99 5+
Sunline FX2 Braided Line Dark Green/Blue 60lb 125yd $18.99 5+
Sunline FX2 Braided Line Dark Green/Blue 80lb 90yd $18.99 5+
Sunline FX2 Braided Line Green/Blue 50lb 300yd $37.99 5+
Sunline FX2 Braided Line Green/Blue 60lb 300yd $37.99 5+
Sunline FX2 Braided Line Dark Green/Blue 80lb 230yd $37.99 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Excellent quality & casts well, but I have to agree that it's really loud going through the guides. I'm hoping this improves over time. Otherwise great product!

From: Tim: MT 7/25/16

Comments: I found this to be a strong braid. Casts well, and never had a knot break. The only negative I have found is its loud. Sounds like steel cable coming thru the guides.

From: Don: Trout, LA 3/10/15

Comments: This is very good braid. Uniform shape and good color retention. Good heavy cover line. The only downfall would be the noise. It is definitely quieter than other braids, but the Maxima braid is considerably quieter. Just an fyi if you're considering this line for stealthy presentations in pressured fishing areas. Other than that it is very, very good line. Worth the price.

From: B: LA 6/16/14

Comments: First time ever using these frogs and they are the best had zero problems with hook sets I went out fishing testing the Red Ear out to see how well the action was on them and caught 3 monster snake heads 1st one was 34 inches and 15lbs 9oz and 2nd one was 31 inches and 13lbs, 3rd one was 30.5 inches and 12lbs and they held up awesome to those monster fish going back out tomorrow to try the rest of the colors I give these lures a 10 out of 10. And the sunline fx2is the best line for frogging too and super strong I carried all 3 on it out the woods where I was fishing cause I lost my stringer.

From: Richard: Stafford, VA 5/6/14

Comments: I have used a lot of different brands of braid and when I came across sunline braid, I think it was 60 bucks for a 300 yard spool...but after using it from the first cast tp two years later, reversing the line between season, I would gladly pay 100 bucks for this line knowing what I know about it now. As for the flouro line sunline has...still a skeptic until I use it. Again best braid on the market for the money.

From: Jeremy: Oxford, MI 2/25/14

Comments: I have used just about every braid out there and this is the best so far. I think the other two guys either tied the wrong knot or got a bad spool. majority rules great line.

From: Jeff: IL

Comments: I have been using sunline FX2 since its inception and never had a problem with it in salt or fresh or salt even landed a 85LB Ling on 60LB. line with no problem it is a fantastic product.

From: Randy: Austin Tx. USA

Comments: The worst braid I have ever used. I primarily fish Falcon lake which has lots of brush. This line breaks constantly for no apparent reason. I will be staying with Suffix 832,its the only line that works down here.

From: Albert: Laredo, Texas

Comments: Best braid ever, switched from spiderwire a few months ago for froggin and I will never go back.  Used the same spool all summer and would have still been using except I ran out from changing frogs.  Price is about the same but you get a much better product.  Casts great and have never had a break (80lbs)even while being caught in trees, vegetation, or whatever.

From: Ronnie: MD

Comments: 50lb broke so easily... Yes the line allows you to cast your lures far out, but it isn't strong at all. I lost 3 frog lures due to this fishing line. It is getting switched out ASAP!

From: Corey: MN

Comments: Glad I got to try this line because a deal TW had a while back. Feels like Power Pro it's extremely limp and it casts like a dream. Super strong and I'll never go back any other braided lines.

From: Hmoobmuas: Clovis, CA

Comments: By far the best line out there!! I have been using Suffix for the last two years and hated the fact that the color wore off so fast....With the FX2 the color stays in tact and this line will not break on a hook set like the Suffix tended to do after keeping it on your reel for longer than 2 weeks...With Sunline You can use it for a month and never have any can cast it crazy far and you will never use another line on the market once you use Sunline's FX2...I use 50# and its strong enough to muscle any bass out of any cover out there!! It definitely is the best line on the market!!

From: Daniel: Albuquerque, NM

Comments: Just like Mr. Rojas said, "best on the market"! i have the 50 cause the 60 was on back order and i couldnt locate any 80lb. this stuff is great! this stuff is EXACTLY what braid users want. rounder, limper, stronger, and for the ones that complain about braids losing their color, this stuff lasts so much longer! "Best on the market"!

From: Cheng: Maplewood, MN

Comments: This stuff is great! It's rounder, and way more limp than anything else on the market. I haven't broke off once yet, it's so much easier to cast with

From: Dave: Elburn, IL

Comments: finally went fishing with this braid, tide on a bronzeye 65 spro frog on my st croix slop n frog rod. I have used the power pro, the sufix, and spiderwire, those are all good lines, but this line is well heads above them in every way possible. With the other braids I could cast the spro frog 100 feet easily, 150 in ideal conditions, with this line I'm hitting 150 feet at least, and I hit 200+ a few times as well, it flies off the spool with hardly any effort on my part, just a little flick of the wrist and my lure is 150-200 feet away from the boat, I had to adjust where I position my boat when fishing this line as to not land my bait way up on the bank. And as with any braid the true test comes when fighting that big fish, well I got that chance with a 7 pounder and this line passed with flying colors, it never dug in on it self, or got in a bind, that fish took me through some nasty saw grass and matted grass and this line never frayed once. It may cost a little more than the other brands, but it outperforms them on there best day. I will be ordering more of this line for my flipping sticks as soon as I get a chance, I am no longer fishing any other braid but sunline FX2

From: Ben: FL

Comments: just got the spool i ordered of this line in the mail today, haven't had a chance to spool it on my reel, but i took it out and held a length in my hand, this line is super thin, perfectly round, and limper than my trilene XL mono. Love the dark green/dark blue color. Once I fish this line I'll comment again.

From: Ben: FL

Comments:  the best braid for frogging. finally,a braid was made just for this technique. it is round,unimaginably strong, smooth, invisible in the water, and best of all it doesn't fray!!!!! I can't wait to put the 60lb on my quantum energy PT for frogging when spring comes!

From: Alex: Port Barre, LA

Comments: Used a lot of different braids but none have held up like the FX2 has. Cast great, good abrasion resistance and holds color better than any braid I've fished.

From: Steve: Auburn, AL

Comments: I have used every braid out there as of 2011. This is the best braid for frogging and flipping. Keeps its color for a long time TO!

From: Sonny: East Wareham, MA

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