Going after big bass with light line? Then Sunline Finesse FC Fluorocarbon should be your first choice. Designed specifically for finesse applications and spinning reels, it features an incredible combination of softness and high abrasion resistance, providing excellent reel management and the durability to hold up against heavy cover. Manufactured with a new process called Super Dynamic Processing, it also has incredibly low memory, as well as, a "high tenacity" quality that expertly balances strength and stretch. Offering superior straight strength and knot strength as well, Sunline’s Double Resin Processing on the line surface also makes it sleek and durable for reduced surface friction and enhanced casting. Experience the thrill of fighting huge fish on light line - with confidence you've never had - Sunline Finesse FC Fluorocarbon also delivers invisibility that is second-to-none in the water.

-Designed specifically for use with finesse baits - drop shots, shaky heads, etc.
-Suppple design for excellent reel management
-Designed for suppleness, yet with a high level of abrasion resistance
-Double Resin Processing dramatically reduces line surface friction
-Excellent linearity for smooth, long casts.
-Super Dynamic Processing for unbelievable tenacity that goes beyond normal limits

Line Diameter 6lb 7lb 8lb
Inches .0081 .0086 .0093
Millimeters .205 .219 .235

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This line is simply awesome. Ive been using the 6lb test on drop shot and Dale Hollow and I love it. So strong and easy to cast. Its perfect for spinning reels. Never springs off the reel making mess. Well worth the 28$

From: Chad: TN 2/12/15

Comments: Awesome line, great on a spinning reel by itself or as a leader for braid. Goes on very smooth and casts very nicely.

From: Adam: Long Island, NY 4/15/14

Comments: The 6lb test has worked well for drop shotting.  The line is supple and casts well.  Surprised at the strength of the line for such a small diameter

From: Jacob: Atlanta

Comments: Works great, one of the best lines I have used for spinning reels for Drop shot!Very soft but also strong.

From: Trevor

Comments: worst line ever for a spinning reel. It springs off like a slinky. Pathetic...definitely not as advertised

From: Mike: Leesburg, GA

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