Sunline Reaction FC Fluorocarbon

Sunline Reaction FC is a new fluorocarbon line designed specifically for reaction baits, including spinnerbaits, crankbaits, rattlebaits and vibrating jigs. Reaction FC is made from a new, softer, high strength fluorocarbon material. This new material combined with its unique manufacturing process creates a line that is very supple and flexible, which allows Reaction FC to handle better on your reel. Double resin processing also gives the line outstanding slickness for better casting than traditional fluorocarbons.

Also formulated to have more stretch than other Sunline fluorocarbons, Sunline Reaction FC will increase landing percentages of fish caught on reaction baits.  With a high specific gravity of 1.78, Reaction FC helps get your crankbaits to run at their maximum depth.  Sunline Reaction FC is also dyed stealth gray to help it be even more invisible in any water color.

Line Diameter 8lb 10lb 12lb 14lb 16lb 20lb
Inches .0093 .00102 .0112 .0122 .0130 .0146
Millimeters .235 .260 .285 .310 .330 .370

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Sunline Reaction FC 8lb 200yd $23.99 5+
Sunline Reaction FC 10lb 200yd $23.99 10+
Sunline Reaction FC 12lb 200yd $23.99 10+
Sunline Reaction FC 14lb 200yd $23.99 10+
Sunline Reaction FC 16lb 200yd $23.99 10+
Sunline Reaction FC 20lb 200yd $23.99 5+
Sunline Reaction FC 8lb 660yd $57.99 4
Sunline Reaction FC 10lb 660yd $57.99 5+
Sunline Reaction FC 12lb 660ydyd $61.99 5+
Sunline Reaction FC 14lb 660yd $61.99 5+
Sunline Reaction FC 16lb 660yd $80.99 5+
Sunline Reaction FC 20lb 660yd $81.99 2

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Being able to throw spinnerbaits & cranks on flouro is a must. However square bills on a little stiffer rod & spinnerbaits on a fast action rod, don't allow for that absorption you get from moderate parabolic actions. Sunline Reaction FC, has more stretch so you do not rip cranks out of the fishes mouth & absorbs a lot of shock when getting hit on spinnerbaits. This line is definitely a plus & has a permanent home with my gear.

From: Mike: Logan, IA 7/6/16

Comments: The best line for treble hook reaction baits. I have 10# for jerkbaits, 12# for deeper diving cranks & 14# for squarebills. I first tried this for my squarebill rod & fell in love, so I spooled my other treble hook bait rods. I will only use this line now. Get you some.

From: Jordan: Canton, IL 3/22/16

Comments: First time out with the Sunline Reaction FC 14lb, I get short lined by a 5lb 8oz largemouth with just 2ft of line out.  This line handled wonderfully! It's smooth and casts well, so I will be using more of this in the future.

From: Hugh: Lake Houston, TX 10/1/15

Comments: All I will throw jerkbaits on. Casting distance was a pleasant surprise- it will get you a few extra yards. I haven't missed a fish yet. So smooth, no memory. Think I may try it on my 705CB glass for cranks.

From: Dallas: GA 4/24/15

Comments: Smooth as a baby's bottom. Another high quality product from Sunline. A tad bit of stretch to help with those trebles. This is a must for treble hook and reaction baits. Your catch ratio will go up. This plus a glass rod = money.

From: Nick: Vineland, NJ 4/9/25

Comments: Excellent Fluorocarbon. For Jerkbaits and Crankbaits I love how it handles more than the FCSniper. More limp, casts better and lays on the spool tighter. It just flat out works. Been throwing the 10lb straight on a Core50Mg7 with 1 backlash in 2 weeks of fishing. The line has seen hours of sun, with minor KVD conditioner applied the line is still 90% not as perfect as fresh but plenty strong after multiple days casting and cranking smallies in the boat. Cheaper than FCSniper and for treble hook presentations highly recommended. I still prefer FCSniper in 16 and 20 for Largemouth/big spinnerbait applications.

From: Mike: GTA, Ontarop 9/20/14

Comments: Good so far. Have used the 8 pound on spinning and baitcasting and the 12 on baitcasting and have not had the breakage issues others mention. Line is tough, spools well and casts smoothly. I guess you have to try it to see if you love it or hate it, I luvs it.

From: Fatswarcat: Paradox, USA 6/25/14

Comments: I have been using sunline  FC reaction for a year with no issues I have found it to be a great FC line with no breakage as some described. Very supple and low line memory with little backlash. I will use nothing else throwing senkos. Very responsive even with a 1/16 oz senko wacky hook great stuff in 14 lb I found 12lb. Just a little to limber for my taste.

From: R.S.: Austin, TX 5/15/14

Comments: My first negative review of a sunline product. I think they are on the right track but need to tweak the formula  some more.  Line is supple like all sunline but twice while throwing lipless cranks in open water I had just simply unexplainable line breakage. This line is also nowhere near as sensitive as sniper. Didn't have the same backlash issues that others have mentioned. I do like the stealth gray color and the idea of a flouro with some stretch, just think they're not quite there yet.

From: Hydrilla: Lake Seminole, FL 3/28/14

Comments: 2 out of 5. I believe this line lowered my catch ratio to 1: 300. This line never broke prematurely I'll give it that.

From: MIke: GA

Comments: This line is awful. I bought this line for my shimano cronarch, so the reel can't be the problem. It isn't accurate, it has no sensitivity, and backlashes literally every other cast. Although all fluoro has a backlash problem, this one was exceptionally bad. On the other half of the casts it goes about 20 yards, tops. It breaks whenever there is any weight on the other end, which is especially upsetting for a line with this much diameter.. The line also has terrible memory. In 5 trips, I have yet to land a fish over a couple pounds using this line (I've had several break off). Basically, this line always backlashes or breaks, has terrible memory, and also can't give me the precision or distance i need.

From: Will: NJ

Comments: I heard some great reviews about this line. I got it last year. Sunline is a great company but for  some reason this line is that good.  I have had i snap on me many times, my friend has it on his rod too and i casted out a crankbait and it snapped right off; he only had it on for 2 days.  It was upsetting that this line snaps a lot, even though i really like to chuck these lures out there.... still. Also this line has a lot of backlash, i know that some flurocarbons naturally have it. One the bright side this line did catch me some fish and is very sensitive but i dont think ill buy it again, maybe ill try sniper.

From: Matt: NJ

Comments: follow up to my previous review. This stuff is much better for normal freshwater use. I've been using it for flipping and pitching and it's been good so far. I've landed several fish in the 4-5lb range without much issue. But, I did break off on an absolute giant during the hook set. I skipped a pitboss under a dock felt weight and set. The line snapped on the first surge of the fish. (Was at least 7 pounds). So for the most part not bad but I'll be sticking with sniper from here out.

From: Jonathon: TN

Comments: found this line on sale for like 14 bucks in 20lb test so I thought I'd give it a shot. I was in Louisiana at the time so I ended up putting the stuff as leader to my braid. First day we fished inshore for reds/specks. Usually when you over cast into the marsh you can just pull and your bait will rip the reeds out and get your bait back. This line just broke. (Thought maybe it was thicker marsh or something) next day we went offshore. First drop on a rig I hook up with a snapper, got about two cranks and he was gone. Clean break of the line. Can't say much on that though because after that I switched to 80lb flouro and broke off several more times. Hopefully this makes better jig line for my usual bass fishing. Love sniper and LOVE FX2 so I would really like to love this line too.

From: Jonathon: TN

Comments: Been using the Sunline reaction for 3 months now and started to like it a lot. Great line. Cast smooth and far. I use #14lb and only throw lipless and shallow running cranks. Caught many bass, whitebass and even walleyes on this line. I haven't had any issue with line breaking on me. I meanly fish the river, so there's lots of rocks and never had any issue with it. Great line will buy more.

From: Nhia: Saint Paul, Minnesota

Comments: Really Disappointed, I love Sunline Sniper and really wanted to love this stuff for fishing crankbaits.  However, it brakes very easily.  It also does not hold up to abrasion, one rock rub and your lure is gone.

From: David: Moore, SC

Comments: I was disappointed with  the the Reaction FC, it broke quite a few times and it seemed to fray in the middle of the line( I mean at points where the line never touched anything) for $22 Sunline should  make a better product.

From: JF: NY

Comments: I am extremely pleased with this line for my crankin setup. I put the 14lb on there because i really like to fish cranks around rocks so it helps with some extra abrasion resistance. It casts great and it lets me feel what my crankbait its doing very well. It also is invisible in water. Another GREAT Sunline product.

From: Kyle: Hutchinson, KS

Comments: pure junk is the best way to put it ,iam a guy who really likes sun products ,but this stuff is really bad

From: Lenny: CA

Comments: garbage! Plain and simple. I'll stick to Defier for cranks

From: Bob: Stockton, CA

Comments: What a dissapointment. This line snapped in the center after my fourth cast, sending my $16.00 crankbait flying.I was using 14 pound line with a 3/4 crankbait. When I stripped the rest of the line off it was like a slinky with abrasions. Absolute waste of money. I am a big fan of sunline braid and I use FC Sniper with success as a leader, so Im not just a hater. I also tried the machine gun mono, super mistake. It wasn't as bad as the reaction but not far behind it.

From: Greg: AL

Comments: to nathan- the best knot is the double uni

Comments:  I am not having the same success with this line as others seem to be experiencing. I have been using the 8# test for deep cranking and have a lot of issues with fraying and peeling. Also it will not hold a uni knot. Polymer knots are holding well but are a pain to tie with big crankbaits.

From: Nathan: Pasco, WA

Comments: I"m not a Sunline fan for other lines (it's hard for me to switch from InvisX)... BUT - this line is like no other. I had been using 15# InvisX for all cranking - Strike King Series 4, 5xd and 6xd, Norman Deep Little N, and anything from KVD 1.5s to Wiggle Warts. I'm using this line in 12# test, and the sensitivity is unreal. I finally snagged a Rapala DT10, and I couldn't get this line to break (using a double san diego jam knot). Finally had to troll up on the sweet spot to get the lure back, did a bow and arrow snap and the lure popped right off. Checked the line and there was no fraying, even after an hour of beating rip rap, 4 fish and then moving to the deep brush. Buy this line with confidence. Oh - there is something about the casting distance too. I can get about 5-6 yards further than I could before. Rod - Dobyns 804CB paired with a Daiwa Zillion 100HA

From: Russ: Canton, GA

Comments: Love this line!!!  I bought 2 spools of the 12 lb for my crankbaits rods.  I have been throwing rick clunn crankbaits with it lately on windy flat points with isolate stumps and it has peformed flawlessly.  I have always used the sniper in 10 or 12 but this works better with it being a little more stretch added to it and it's softer and you can really cast this stuff.  Try it out!!

From: Brian: IL

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