Sunline Shooter Defier Nylon Monofilament - $33.99

Sunline is a new Japanese line company that has been generating lots of attention at the top levels of professional bass fishing. Top money anglers know that the only thing between them and the money fish is a thin strand of line and it had better be good.

Sunline's Shooter Defier line marks a real turning point in monofilament line technology. Shooter Defier is a second-generation co-polymer line that offers a smoother finish than ever before possible, giving you every advantage for casting distance and accuracy. The resin system of Shooter Defier keeps the line very supple by resisting water absorption, making it much easier to handle on casting and spinning reels. Shooter Defier comes in a stealth camouflage dark green to disappear in the water. Since Shooter Defier doesn't absorb water and resists UV breakdown it hold up under usage as well as fluorocarbon lines, so you don't have to spool up as often.

Line Diameter 11lb 13lb 15lb 17lb 19lb 22lb
Inches .011 .012 .013 .013 .014 .015
Millimeters .274 .300 .320 .340 .360 .380

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Comments: Absolutely the best crankbait line on the market. A little high on the price, but worth it. Very soft and smooth on the reel and tough in the water with almost no memory and it will make many fishing trips before it needs replaced. I just wish it were available in clear.

From: Gene: TX 9/2/14

Comments: Extremely smooth casting line.  Good abrasion resistance also.  I have been using Sniper for my cranks.  Have not used anything but fluoro or braid in over a year.  This stuff made me see what I was missing.  Long, almost effortless casts.

From: Brandon: Athens, AL

Comments: 100% the best crankbait line on the planet.  Used 17LB for 7 day trip on Falcon Lake in December 11'.......never broke Defier once........broke the hooks off of my Norman D22 crankbiats before I broke the line.  Could not believe.  Super smooth without much memory.  Used on a Shimano Calais with Loomis Swimbait Rod..........dream combination especially the line.  Very expensive but backs it up big time.  

From: Rick: Oak Park, IL

Comments: This is the best crankbait line out there IMO. Super soft and strong as well as super thin for the #test. Havent found anything better yet. Just wish it was a little cheaper is all, but it lasts for a long time.

From: Travis: SLC, UT

Comments: this best cranking line out there in my opinion. super smooth, supple, and castable, and has just the right amount of stretch to keep fish buttoned up when fishing treble hooked baits. the only cranking line i use.

From: Derek: NE Philly

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Sunline Shooter Defier Nylon Monofilament

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