Designed with tournament fisherman in mind, Sunline Shooter Metan Fluorocarbon is one of the most manageable and castable fluorocarbons on the market. Shooter Metan, a premium 100% fluorocarbon line, is gaining acceptance by pros and weekend anglers alike as more and more people experience the union of manageability, strength, and near invisibility that has made this line an instant success. Metan Green alternates between three shades of green to match the color of vegetation your are fishing.

Sunline Shooter Metan Green Fluorocarbon has been specially formulated as a great all-around line, and is available in the mid-range line tests that make it a great choice for cranking, jigs, jerkbaits, topwaters, and much more.

Line Dia. 4lb 4.5lb 5lb 6lb 8lb 10lb 12lb 14lb 16lb 20lb 25lb 30lb
Inches .006 .007 .007 .008 .009 .010 .011 .012 .013 .015 .016 .017
Millimeters .165 .175 .190 .205 .235 .260 .285 .310 .330 .370 .405 .435

"METAN GREEN line system is made for GRASSY LAKES like my home LAKE BIWA. Any country, any lake that you go to that has alot of GRASS, that is what produce BIG BASS. Even when your fishing GRASS you give out a lot of pressure to bass using CLEAR fluorocarbon line. So that's why I wanted a LINE SYSTEM that doesn't give out pressure when your fishing in GRASSY LAKES. METAN GREEN line system is made of three different GREEN colors that starts from a DARKGREEN to a LIGHTGREEN that will Camouflage you fishing in the grass for BIG BASS."

"There is a variety of GRASS in the lakes and variety of colors, So thats why you need three different colors in METAN GREEN line system.When you are fishing dark color GRASS, Rig your lure at the DARKGREEN part of the METAN GREEN line system,So that will help you from giving out pressure to the bass that your trying to catch. That means this METAN GREEN line system will improve your fishing in GRASSY LAKES any where you go." Jun Shoji (creative head behind Sunline's Metan and other products)

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