Designed with tournament fisherman in mind, Sunline Shooter Metan Fluorocarbon is one of the most manageable and castable fluorocarbons on the market. Shooter Metan, a premium 100% fluorocarbon line, is gaining acceptance by pros and weekend anglers alike as more and more people experience the union of manageability, strength, and near invisibility that has made this line an instant success.

Sunline Shooter Metan Invisible Fluorocarbon has been specially formulated for finesse applications and has the invisibility and suppleness needed to fool even the most fickle bass. Metan Invisible alternates between brown, green and grey to match the cover bass relate to like wood, grass and rock.

Line Dia. 3.5lb 4lb 4.5lb 5lb 6lb 8lb 10lb 12lb 14lb 16lb 20lb 25lb 30lb
Inches .006 .006 .007 .007 .008 .009 .010 .011 .012 .013 .015 .016 .017
Millimeters .157 .165 .175 .190 .205 .235 .260 .285 .310 .330 .370 .405 .435

"My most favorite technique to catch bass is SIGHT FISHING. That's METAN Over the years, I learned when you sight fish you give a lot of pressure to the bass even when you are using CLEAR fluorocarbon line. When you're sight fishing most of the time you will be fishing in shallow water, so in shallow water the more you give the bass pressure the more the bass relate to the cover. So that's why I produce this camouflage fluorocarbon line. So I just matched the color of the cover that the bass relate too. If the bass are relating to GRASS the color is GREEN, If the bass are relating to BRUSH or TREES the color is BROWN, If the bass are relating to ROCKS or RIPRAPS the color is going to be GREY.Just think these are the three cover colors that the BASS LOVE to relate too."

"This METAN line will help you catch more fish when you start using IT!! Here are some tips: When you are fishing GRASS rig your lures at the GREEN part of the line, so you will be camouflage in the GRASS. When you are fishing BRUSH or TREES rig your lure at the BROWN part of the line. When you are fishing ROCKS or RIPRAPS rig your lure at the GREY part of the line, so you will be camouflage and also you will not give out any pressure to the BASS that you're trying to catch. Have fun." Jun Shoji (creative head behind Sunline's Metan and other products)

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Best line I've found for heavy flipping recently had a chance to fish with a couple of elite series pro's & they wouldn't use anything else on falcon lake.

From: Ken: TX 12/19/15

Comments: you just need to re tie your knot after hauling in trees or catching a big fish you will have much better luck. i know this is great line!

From: Issac

Comments: Broke the bank on this line, and had an epiphany.  Been using it a couple weeks. Having bought pretty much every fluoro out there, I finally figured out why I have problems finding a fluoro that holds up to abuse.  I keep thinking abrasion resistance is the answer to the equation, because that's what I'm being told by manufacturers and their sponsors. This line is the most abrasion resistant I ever tried. First cast, i can haul in a tree, but 2 or 3 trees later and it snaps with hardly any effort.  I came to the conclusion that it doesn't matter how much you spend on fluoro.  If you get hung up and you stretch it, It stays stretched and it gets weaker and weaker. Love this line in open water, for bottom contact baits.  Casts great, is sensitive, and will definitely last longer than average fluorocarbon for that application.  But no more fluoro anywhere there are snags for me.  Just doesn't hold up.

From: Gail: Indy

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