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The Sworming Hornet Drop Shot Fish Head is a realistic jig head for your soft plastic baits. The Drop Shot Fish Head features are endless due to the 3D holographic eyes and multi stage paint. The lead free design and hole through the center of the Fish Head keeps your bait hook out and up. After tying your favorite knot, pull the tag end of line through the hook eye and through the center of the Drop Shot Fish Head. Add your favorite soft plastic and "Sting ‘em with a HORNET." All Sworming Hornet Drop Shot Fish Heads come equipped with premium Gamakatsu hooks.

Don't be fooled by its looks. Not only is the Fish Head a great drop shot rig but you may want to use them in tandem, or by itself. Just add your favorite fluke type bait to make the perfect darter head or drop shot bait.

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Small 1/8oz
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Comments: The best thing about these is that you can tie craft hair on it and make a drop-shot hair jig. Normally you want a light weight on a hair jig for the slow fall, but it makes it hard to fish deep. With these you can fish it as deep as you want on a heavy drop shot and still get a slow, nearly weightless fall. I tie gray craft hair on the albino color with chartreuse thread for an accent.

From: Chris: Gillette, Wyoming

Comments: Amazingly sharp! Great hooks and great looks. These get bit. The 1/32oz is very light and good for drop shot. Some would say these are an unnecessary addition but since it's a quality hook and looks so good it just might help on a tough day.

From: Tacklejunkie: Southern California

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