Sworming Hornet Fish Head Shaker - $4.99

The Sworming Hornet Fish Head Shaker can be used as a search tool for those hard to find bass, as it allows you to go through blow-downs, rocks, wood, as well as some grass. The Fish Head Shaker is virtually weedless. With the shake of a shallow crankbait and the flash and look of a baitfish, how can fish resist? Fluke-type soft plastics are a perfect trailer for the Sworming Hornet Fish Head Shaker.

  • super sharp VMC hooks
  • stainless steel ball bearing swivel
  • holographic 3D eyes
  • realistic, multi-stage paint patterns
  • fluorocarbon urethane blade

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    1 per pack

    Weight Hook Size
    1/4 oz 3/0
    3/8 oz 4/0
    1/2 oz 4/0
  • Comments: Interesting bait, I got the watermelon 3/8oz, used it for the first time in a tournament this weekend when nothing else was working...high wind, current, really muddy water.  Didn't win or anything but was able to get some bites on this after no luck with a spinnerbait.  Had a swimbait on the back, I'll probably use a fluke next time though, this thing has enough vibration on its own.  No problems with the bill, it actually gets through the cover a little better than the regular underspins. I somehow lost the blade on a 3 pounder and the loop for the swivel got bent up, but straightened it and put a different blade on and it was fine.  Good bait to have, I'm gonna order a couple more. 

    From: Pete: VA

    Comments: Dont waste your money on the 1/2oz model. The bill on the lure would fold back on the cast fouling the lure. I would also let it sink to the bottom and pump the rod once to get the blade going and the same thing would happen. Spent 2+ hrs with this thing trying to get it to work right. I even went to a different head with the same results. The smaller weights "seem" to work better. $20 bucks down the drain!

    From: JW: Knoxville, TN

    Comments: Great lure. Throw a fluke on it that matches the head color and you will catch fish. A steady retrieve and it dose the rest.

    From: Josh: Menifee, CA

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    Sworming Hornet Fish Head Shaker

    6 Available Colors

    • Albino
      Size Stock Qty
      1/4oz 5+
      3/8oz 1
      1/2oz 5
    • Arkansas Shiner
      Size Stock Qty
      1/4oz 5+
      3/8oz 4
      1/2oz 5+
    • Chartreuse Pearl
      Size Stock Qty
      1/4oz 5
      3/8oz 1
      1/2oz 5+
    • Raw Shad
      Size Stock Qty
      1/4oz 4
      3/8oz 5
      1/2oz 2
    • Watermelon
      Size Stock Qty
      1/4oz 5+
      3/8oz 5+
      1/2oz 5+
    • White Pearl
      Size Stock Qty
      1/4oz 5+
      3/8oz Out
      1/2oz 5+

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