The Sworming Hornet Sling Blade Flutter bait features the must-have mega-bite hook, premium ball bearing swivel and the best spin blades on the market. Rig the Sling Blade Flutter with your favorite soft plastic jerkbait, stickbait or soft plastic worm. The Sling Blade Flutter comes pre-rigged with a plastic locking system to secure any bait.

3 per pack

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Wanted to add some flash to my swim bait for those sunny days when the smallies are up shallow, I have had some of my absolute best days on the water throwing this with a 3.5" swim bait. Great hook, durable finish on blade.

From: Jacob: MI 3/27/16

Comments:  An excellent lure to use with a soft jerkbait when bass are attacking schools of shad because the blade creates extra flash and action. I use the 1/16 oz 4/0 Sworming Hornet Sling Blade Flutter hook with a 5.25 inch Zoom Super Fluke.

From: Vince: Tucson, AZ

Comments: Screw a 3.5" Basstrix Fat Minnow on this hook, skin the point to make it weedless, throw it into the stickups and hang on!

From: Shred: Leucadia, CA

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