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An innovative twist on the technique that’s taking the bass world by storm, the Sworming Hornet Sworm 3 Arm Rig offers several advantages over conventional umbrella rigs. The Sworming Hornet 3-Arm Rig employs a premium swivel to join the hand-painted head with three super-strong wires. The use of a swivel helps eliminate line twist and create an energetic action that perfectly mimics the actions of a small group of skittish baitfish. In addition, the swivel also reduces stress on the arms when dealing with multiple fish at once. Throwing a three-arm rig also means that there’s no need to rig dummy baits, lessening the cost of a fully rigged set-up. To use the Sworming Hornet Sworm 3 Arm Rig, just bend the 3 arms out to a 45-degree angle and attach your favorite swimbaits, grubs, spinnerbaits, or jigs. An easy way to satisfy regulations in States that limit the number of hooks used, the Sworming Hornet Sworm 3 Arm Rig is a lightweight, and deadly choice for targeting suspended bass. 

Sworming Hornet Middle Wire Length Outer Wire Length
 3-Arm Rig 6"  5.75"
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