T-H Marine G-Force Cull System

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In a tournament, culling quickly and accurately is paramount, which is why T-H Marine has developed the G-Force Cull System. Tested and endorsed by Gerald “G-Man” Swindle, the T-H Marine G-Force Cull System’s innovative design gives anglers an immediate and concise method for identifying their smallest fish. Constructed from extra-durable aluminum, the balance beam for the T-H Marine G-Force Cull System features notches on each end instead of clips, so fish can be compared with the cull tags still attached.

This eliminates the time-consuming hassle of having to remove fish from the cull tag every time you have a possible up-grade. In addition to being quicker, the T-H Marine G-Force Cull System is also safer and gentler on the fish, so they make it to weigh-ins in optimal health. Offered with eight color-coded cull tags and a tag holder, the T-H Marine G-Force Cull System delivers an innovative and efficient way to determine your five biggest.


-Balance beam
-8 Color Coded Tags
-Tag Holder 

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Great company, great idea, poor execution. I've tried 3 sets & still can't make a complete set that balances. I took a couple of the tags apart & weighed the components & the foam floats are different weights. It totally defeats the purpose of balancing if the tags themselves weigh different amounts. Either buy it for the beam & make your own tags or find another system.

From: Bob: Columbus, OH 9/17/16

Comments: I ordered the first set and the markers did not balance correctly. I called TH Marine and they sent me another set. I just opened that one and same deal. DO NOT waste your time. It would be a great system and save time if they actually worked but they dont!

From: Jeff: Panama City, FL 4/10/15

Comments: Got the cull system and was very impressed with the quality. Cull hooks open easily but stay very secure under weight. Only thing is you need to check the weight of the cull markers on your cull beam, I had 2 weigh lighter and one way heavier than the other 5. Other than that i would highly recommend this culling system.

From: Corey: Jasper, AL 3/27/15

Comments: On my 2nd set, these work great because of the loops on the end. simply hang the fish on the balance beam and all culled up. The only issue that I've had is with the colors wearing off of the foam. In the future you might also put numbers on the bouys so they work with diff. scales.

From: Clayton: Tulsa, OK 3/26/15

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