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In a tournament, culling quickly and accurately is paramount, which is why T-H Marine has developed the G-Force Cull System. Tested and endorsed by Gerald “G-Man” Swindle, the T-H Marine G-Force Cull System’s innovative design gives anglers an immediate and concise method for identifying their smallest fish. Constructed from extra-durable aluminum, the balance beam for the T-H Marine G-Force Cull System features notches on each end instead of clips, so fish can be compared with the cull tags still attached.

This eliminates the time-consuming hassle of having to remove fish from the cull tag every time you have a possible up-grade. In addition to being quicker, the T-H Marine G-Force Cull System is also safer and gentler on the fish, so they make it to weigh-ins in optimal health. Offered with eight color-coded cull tags and a tag holder, the T-H Marine G-Force Cull System delivers an innovative and efficient way to determine your five biggest.


-Balance beam
-8 Color Coded Tags
-Tag Holder 

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T-H Marine G-Force Cull System

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T-H Marine G-Force Cull System $22.49

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