TNT Baits Claymore Jig

TNT Baits Claymore Jig

We all know how easy it is to catch fish by throwing a little TNT into the water – the TNT Baits Claymore Jig that is.  The TNT Baits Claymore Jig is a high-quality, bladed swim jig that delivers a big underwater disturbance no matter how it’s fished. The TNT Baits Claymore Jig can be used as a traditional swimming jig, or retrieved like a spinnerbait, depending on conditions. The rounded hex blade delivers a powerful ruckus while also acting as a weedguard and allowing the TNT Baits Claymore Jig to be worked around docks, rocks, tulles, long points, and grass. The arkie-style head is molded around a stout Mustad Ultrapoint 5/0 Flipping Hook and accompanied by a hand-tied living-rubber “mop” skirt, which gives it a flowing presentation and a slower descent.  Blow the competition out of the water with the TNT Baits Claymore Jig. 

9 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Caught my personal best pike, which was almost 10 pounds on the Cicada coloration and backed it up with a 9 pounder 2 days later! Plenty of vibration and thump with a super stout hook. Oh yeah, it catches bass, too!

From: Unkown 2/9/17

Comments: I purchased 10 jigs last spring to try out in place of some custom made chatterbaits that are no longer available. These vibrate and search very well leading to good production. I don't prefer the muted color options but they seem to produce just fine. I have rolled a hook point on each jig that I've used. This is with flouro or braid to flouro leader. I'm assuming this may be the result of a bad batch of hooks from their supplier These also spin like crazy on casts. The resulting line twist is a major pain to deal with.

From: Carter: TX 3/15/16

Comments: I've hadn't had any problems with the Claymore in the 2 months I've been fishing it. Great action in the water, especially when using an erratic retrieve. I use the ZMan Razor Shad trailer and it looks and performs great. Hand tied skirt is a big plus and looks lively in the water, but some of the strands on the skirt I received were uneven and I had to trim it down a bit. Hook is super sharp and stout, and the white color has been a nice producer for me in cold muddy water.

From: Evan: PA 1/15/16

Comments: These are decent performers. The bad: The blade chips the head when ripped through grass. It rolled a hook point on the first hook set on a 3lber. The biggest problem is the insane spin that this bait does in the air. The good: They catch fish.

From: Cman: USA 5/6/15

Comments: Awesome bladed jig responsible for some big bass out here on the Delta. Very stout hook and the skirt pulsates really well. Love throwing this with a super fluke style trailer. Best colors have been Chartreuse Shad and White.

From: Dom

Comments: Just Like richard said, these things are one of the best chatterbaits, sharp hooks, great blades and skirts. Their jigs are the best I have ever used. Really durable and the live rubber skirt moves around and flares in the water and big spots and largemouth love them

Comments: THIS IS A TOP OF THE LINE BLADED SWIM JIG DURABLE HEAD TREMENDOUS ACTION EXCELLENT SKIRTS AND THEY CATCH FISH CICADA AND BLUEGILL ARE SWEET COLORS I own over 300 bladed swim jigs Tackelwarehouse has the best selection.I use the little dipper in dark blue or the grass pig in blue black color for the blue gill color a fish catching combo here in new jersey. the cicada the sky is the limit on colors.pick up a couple of these baits you will not be sorry.Tackelwarehouse is responsible FOR 90% OF THE BASS I CATCH. GREAT SERVICE QUALITY GOODS AND A TREMENDOUS SELECTION THANKS TACKELWAREHOUSE.GOOD FISHING GUYS THANKS


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