TUF-Line HeviCore, as the name implies, was developed to have fast sinking characteristics. Delivering a significant advancement in technology, TUF-Line HeviCore is a truly revolutionary braided line that sinks faster, casts further, and has a higher abrasion-resistance than traditional braided line.

Up to 40% heavier than TUF-Line’s standard braided lines, this additional weight equates to longer casts and extra distance when trying to reach fish that spook easily. HeviCore also overcomes braid’s natural floating characteristics and maintains a more direct line to your lure, increasing your ability to detect the lightest of strikes, especially in windy conditions. Hevicore provides you with sinking characteristics similar to fluorocarbon, allowing lures to run deeper, while still delivering all the performance benefits of braid.

Perfect for all subsurface, jigging, and trolling applications, HeviCore incorporates a weighted PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) core. While a few other companies replace an exterior strand of PE fiber in their braid to incorporate a similar material, TUF-Line HeviCore uses the space in the center of the braid to incorporate the PTFE as a core, creating their Integrated Core Design. This ingenious use of space allows HeviCore to use 25% more PTFE without sacrificing diameter. The result is increased abrasion resistance, 15% higher strength, and increased knot security. Designed for both fresh and saltwater use, TUF-Line HeviCore is proudly made in the USA

Line Diameter 20lb 30lb 50lb 65lb
Inches .013 .014 .017 .020
Millimeters .331 .356 .433 .509
Equiv. Mono Diameter 6lb 8lb 12lb 15lb

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Picked some up after recommendation from Tag on WAFISH thread. He is right there is nothing wrong with this braid. If structurally possible it would be great if they offered 12# or 15# test. I just don't think the 20# (in any braid type) cuts the current well enough when fishing deep river current. I find Nanofill 10 or 12 works best for that. I use the double albright knot and haven't broken at the knot yet!! But honestly I have not had any issues with this line at all, it fishes like power pro but sinks like Fluorocarbon (or close to Fluoro).

From: Nathan: Pasco, WA

Comments: I had the opportunity to test the HeviCore line this Fall while fishing for big smallmouth in deep water. I found the HeviCore to be a phenomenal line for a number of techniques including soft plastic swimbaits fished on Revenge Swimbait Heads, football jigs, dropshotting, etc.  All the depth control advantages of fluorocarbon with the casting distance, sensitivity and hooksetting power of braided line. I was tying fluorocarbon leaders to the HeviCore using a Blood Knot and the unions were bomb proof.  My new go-to braid for sub-surface and deeper water applications. 

From: Tag: Bellingham, WA

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