The Tabu Open Water Jig features the best quality light wire hook available, a heavy fiber guard, and the perfect head design for both swimming and fishing deep water. The skirts are made to attract open water bass, both suspended and on the bottom. This jig also features the TABU trailer keeper, a uniquely designed head with a precision-angled weed guard for maximum protection in cover and increased ease of hook penetration, and an in-line hook eye to ensure the most consistent descending and swimming action.

Click here to see some video on Tabu baits with Michael Murphy at ICAST '08.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: My go to Jig, I have caught alot of Giants on this Lure, especially when tipped with the Reins Ax Claw Trailer! Just be careful around wood. The real benefit to this Jig is amazing hook up ratio's and ease through grass! This ain't just a swim Jig as I throw it 90% of the time.

From: Duane: Pickney, MI

Comments: Flip it, swim it, cast it....it doesn't matter just as long as you fish it!

From: Cody: Conway, AR

Comments: The absolute best jig on the market hands down!!! I have fished these side by side with other jigs and out catch my partner three to one. AWESOME!!!

From: Clint: Batesville, AR

Comments: The blue crab color in the 5/16 oz. paired with the Tiny Tim Ayu colored swim bait works great for ripping it through the weeds. This color combo works great anywhere you have bluegill and sunfish. Key is the lighter weight for a slower fall, let it sink to the bottom then snap it up, bite usually always on the fall.  Another area this jig works great in is targeting schools of sunfish, cast this 5/16 oz. jig right in the middle of these sunfish and let it sink and fall through the school. A lot of times the bass are sitting right under them waiting for something easy to eat, which would be your TABU Jig.

From: Jason: Tonka Bay, MN

Comments: You gotta love these jigs!  Great action from the skirt and durable jig construction after fishing rock all day long.  Ease of hook set was great with their sharp light wire construction.

From: Ken: Kawarthas, Ontarion, Canada

Comments: Really good jig for fishing wood or cover, has a trailer keeper hook so your trailer stays in place.

From: John: Washington, PA

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