TackleWebs Pedestal Seat Web

Organization is paramount on any boat, but especially when it comes to competitive angling. The TackleWebs Pedestal Seat Web easily mounts to the underside of your boats pedestal seats to give you better organization, more storage, and faster access to your go-to tools, baits, and accessories. Made using stainless, UV-bonded steel, the TackleWebs Pedestal Seat Web is built to handle on-water conditions and is rated for speeds of 75+ MPH. The installation process takes a few short minutes and only requires a screwdriver and four 2-inch bolts (included).  Additionally, the TackleWebs Pedestal Seat Web also comes in two different models to accommodate seats that are built with high levers, and seats that are built with lower levers as well. With a full 360-degrees of storage, the TackleWebs Pedestal Seat Web is no-brainer for any boat with a pedestal-style seat.

Bracket Plate Diameter: 13"  

1 Colors

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