Tackle Warehouse Angler Backpack

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Stronger and more durable than ever, the new Tackle Warehouse Angler Backpack still delivers the incredible storage capacity and winning design of the original - now with some key new features and improvements. For one we’ve beefed up the durability of the bag, adding new, stronger zippers, as well as a sturdy double luggage handle on top, complete with a neoprene, velcro closure and double stitching. We’ve also improved on the convenience and functionality of the bag, adding new, designated interior pockets for your camera/smart phone, sunglasses, and your fishing license. The sunglasses and camera/smart phone pockets even feature a plush interior lining to protect against scratches. Three built-in dual pocket worm binders and two additional zip-locking worm binders also now hang from the top (instead of the bottom) of the front drop down compartment for quick bait selection at a glance. The next time you hit the water, don’t leave anything behind. The Tackle Warehouse Angler Backpack is back - and better than ever.

Dimensions: 17"H x 13"W x 10"D


-New Extra Tough Zippers and Pull Tabs
-New Durable Double Luggage Handle with Neoprene Velcro Closure
-New Interior Designated Pockets for Digital Camera/Smart Phone, Sunglasses & Fishing License.
-Includes Three dual-pocket Worm Binders & Two Zip-Locking Single Pocket Worm Binders with New Top-Hanging Design
-Main Compartment holds up to Three 3700-sized Utility Boxes (not included)
-Front Drop-Down Compartment holds One 3600-sized Utility Box (not included)
-Velcro Plier Holster
-Two Mesh Rod/Waterbottle Holders & Adjustable Straps
-Two Exterior Zippered Sidepockets for fishing line, valuables, food, etc.
-Interior Key Clip
-Three Additional Interior Zippered Pockets
-Extra Thick Padded Shoulder Straps and Back

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have owned (and heavily used) this bag for almost 2 years now & it has stood the test of time like a champ! You will not see me at a pond without this on my back & it has served as a great co-angler bag. I can sit it between my legs, or easily fit it into a back storage compartment during a tournament. I can fit 3-4 plano 3700 size boxes in it, depending on how many bags of soft plastics I have packed. Well worth the price, must have for my fellow pond-hoppers & co-anglers!

From: Mason: Birmingham, AL 4/27/16

Comments: I was very excited when I received my back I've had it a couple of months & already the shoulder straps are ripping. Was very disappointed by that. I would say it can hold a lot but only 2 3700 Plano boxes & it says it can hold three. Also the plastics is ripping the ones for your plastics. But overall the back it a good one but the durability isn't up to par.


Comments: I love the backpack for all of its storage but my only complaint are all the mesh fabric used on the straps. That fabric is a hook magnet.


Comments: As the other reviews say, it is a great bag. And I know hat you guys are thinking, "I can fit 3 trays in there if I really try". That thought is CORRECT. I have all the zipper pockets jammed with baits (and yes, it is a little difficult to zip the pockets), but I am able to fit 3 3700 boxes and a 3600 box in the bag. It is a great bag

From: Joe: MN 2/23/16

Comments: I cannot say enough about this bag, I was lucky enough to get this on 25 days of savings in December and the bag only cost $50! I have used it for 2 months now it holds so much gear and is so durable! If there is one thing on this web site that I could recommend it would be the angler backpack! GOOD JOB TACKLE WAREHOUSE!

From: John: NY 2/17/16

Comments: The best bag I have ever used! This bag has pockets everywhere. It is extremly dureble. Best buy for the price

From: Ben: NY 12/13/15

Comments: I have had this bag for about 7-8 months and has been great! There have been complaints about it being too small but I don't see a problem, because I am 6'4, 260lbs & it fits perfectly. The bag is great for wading and bank fishing & I take it almost everywhere I go.

From: Kurtis: Farmington, MO 8/2/15

Comments: I bought one of these two years ago and have put it thru hell! It is in the same condition as it was when first got it. Fits perfectly in a rear storage compartment. Its ideal for a co angler. Great product!

From: Josh: Plymouth, IN 7/18/15

Comments: I have been searching for a long time for a back pack style tackle bag that is comfortable, durable, and relevant for my fishing excursions. This is the one. I t has more than enough room for storage and the rod/ water bottle storage is a plus. I am thoroughly impressed by the Angler Backpack. I have recommended it to several of my fishing buddies and I am sure they will all purchase one, now that they have seen mine.

From: John: Mt. Airy, MD 6/10/15

Comments: Backpack is great. Very nice layout. Nothing else like it. Only problem is that it seems to be made of cheaper materials. The zippers are made from cheap plastic and the strings look as of they are made from cheap polyster. Straps would not for a larger person well at all. Overall great backpack.

From: Zac: NH 11/12/14

Comments: Backpack worked perfect and the layout is awesome so is the quality. I dont recommend it for larger people due to the smaller shoulder strap.

From: Mike: Caledon, ON Canada 10/5/14

Comments: For 70$ it lasted more than a year. I will definitely not get another one. If tackle warehouse made it twice as durable for double the price I would buy it. Its hard to choose a new bag because nothing compares to this layout. At the end of my backpacks life, arm straps were complete ripped off, top handles started to make a whole, plastic zip bags were ripping across parallel to zippers, and plier holder started to make a hole. Other than that everything else held up, the velcro stayed strong and the zippers on the backpack never had an issue. Life expectancy I would say is about 1 year if you fish 1 day a week.

From: Zifa: CA 7/2/14

Comments: Caught a 3 pound Smallmouth on my first cast, after everyone told me the fish weren't biting. Sometimes the lure suspends other times it sinks, either way its erratic behavior was catching fish.

From: Fred: Big Bear Lake, USA

Comments: I personally think that this is great for the price. The rings do open but you can put some electrical tape on them. The straps are a little small but not a problem that is enough to change my opinion on this bag. Overall I think that this is a great bag for the price and has a lot of storage.

From: Andrew: USA

Comments: I personally think this bag is great for the price and I stuff a ton of boxes in it but from based on the other reviews if your going to use it hard and, very often I would go with a different bag but if you are going to not use it very often I say go for it. My only complaint is I can't find any extra binder pages.

From: Carlos: Miami, Florida

Comments: Truly disappointed with this bag. I got it for a birthday gift and one strap is already starting to rip. The Rings for the worm binder always open and never stay closed (Very cheap) so they are always falling off and never even fully loaded. I love the lay out, but should have been made better. I haven't even had a full season with it and only used it 3 times and this is very disappointing. I would send it back, but it's been pasted the time limit on sending it back and I never expected to have problems with it. Buy beware!!

From: Noel: MI

Comments: Review update: strap is now tearing at the top near handle. Plastic zipper is fixable. Nice layout but not durable enough.

From: HmoobYaj: San Diego

Comments: Im going to be very straight forward and to the point. the design of the bag and how everything fits in is awesome. the binder rings are too small and unhook if you really load it up. The backpack straps that go around your arms ripped at the top near the double luggage handle after only 4 weeks of fishing probably 3-4 times a week. Overall this could be a great bag. TW still has some work to do. I would recommend but beware of these problems.

From: Jacob: Foxboro, Ma

Comments: Just got this bag and it is awesome. The perfect bag for taking a good amount of tackle with you for long hikes, walks to your favorite fishing area. Comfortable to carry, and holds alot of gear. Would recommend it to anyone!

From: Dan: Ontario,Canada

Comments: I just got this a couple days ago and used it 3 times and 2 of the zippers broke already but I love the layout of it

From: Luke: yarmouth Nova Scotia

omments: The bag is great but I do with the bag was alittle longer because I am only 5'6 and it digs into my back unless I position it just right. And I wish there was alittle more padding in the straps but other than that the bag is amazing I love it for bank fishing

From: Shane: Brandon, FL

Comments: Love this backpack. BUT, I wish the shoulder straps were a bit longer, because im a bigger guy, and the straps are sorta tight on my shoulders. Other than that, incredible layout!!!

From: Ricky: Los Angeles, CA

Comments: i bought the 1st version of this and after one year of use the top seem has ripped and the shoulder strap now has ripped. i have no faith in the new one. the sad thing is that the layout is awesome.

From: Dave: Utica, NY

Comments: my expectations were pretty high but wheb it arrived I expected something with better materials.  The bag is very spacious like many other reviews.  however, it is a major upgrade from my school backPack.  I dont know how long the bag will last.  The shoulder strap is starting rip.  I am giving it 1 season, maybe barely 2 seasons before the strap completely comes off.  By comparison with my school backpack I have used it for over 5 seasons with no real noticable wear or tear.  Thats when I used it strictly as a tackle bag, used it 2 years for school.  If I could do it a again I would hold off for a possible 3 gen..or one of the other backpack.

From: AV: WI

Comments: I was unsure if I wanted to get this backpack because people said they ordered the first version and it it ripped within a month. I'm assuming everything was corrected and kept waiting for more reviews to pop up to make up my mind. I finally pulled the trigger to get the backpack and  I must say, I'm quite satisfied. However, I'm a little concerned about the straps in the future and whether it will hold up or not. Other than that, a great backpack and enjoying it every time I take it out. On a side note, I wish there was more padding on the straps as it helps with long walks off the bank.

From: Eric: San Jose, CA

Comments: this pack is ok.  materials are kind of cheap.  holds a lot of tackle, yes.  holds 3 3700 tackle boxes, but it is a very tight squeeze...and that is with the front side barely packed.  the major downfall of this pack is that the shoulder strap placement is horrible.  it is absolutely NOT ergonomically friendly for the back.  its like putting straps on the corners of a cube and wearing it on your back...FAIL!  i would not recommend this bag and would not buy it again. 

From: Cheech: CA

Comments: Its a good durable bag holds whatever you want it to great. The only flaw is that the soft bait binder zippers are junk they broke the first time using them the rings that hold the binder to the bag are also very low quality and come off once or twice a trip. But overall a good investment.

From: Average Angler: CT

Comments: This backpack is very nice, holds tons of tackle, and is very durable, but it is a little small.. which is not always bad, it makes it good for storing. Overall is worth the money.

From: Ed: long Island, NY

Comments:  This must have been made by Shimano for TW since Shimano makes one almost identical but the TW backpack has a few more features which makes it a great buy.  I keep hearing about the durability of the gen 1 backpack so we'll see how this one fairs.  Very pleased with the bag so far, lots of pockets and space.

From: Dougie: Ottawa, ON Canada

Comments: Upon arrival, I was very impressed. Construction is top notch and zippers seem to glide for days. Tons of room for everything you can imagine, but not too much where you feel the need to overfill for a day on the water. The rod holders are an awesome touch as well as the meshy gel net in the front. Stoked on the backpack so far and have taken it out twice with ease, even in the kayak.  Lovin it Tackle... Keep em coming.

From: Jon: San Diego, CA

Comments: Nice bag. Smaller than I thought it would be but still plenty big enough. Seems well built and it's very comfortable to carry around. Holds more than enough tackle for me. The flip down worm binders are very nice to have, they don't hold a lot but I just put my top use plactics there for easy access.

From: Ryan: Jacksonville

Comments: This is a great pack to have. Was smaller then I expected, but that makes it nice to store away at the same time. The only thing is how durable is it. Time will tell that.

From: Damon: IN

Comments: Just got the new model....and wow this thing is super nice and top quality construction....holds huge amount of tackle.  Well worth the $$$$

From: Blade: Kentucky Lake

Comments:  I got the first one, it works and is very useful if you're a non-boater. The downside is that it tore within the first couple of days. TWH did a great job of quickly refunding the bag so I have no complaints.

From: Bradley: Montreal, Canada

Comments: I'm glad they made this one improved. On the previous model the top handle stitching pulled all apart and the plastic bag zippers broke right away on first opening of 2 of them. It's a shame being it was a good backpack for the layout. I can't afford another one. Too bad I can't exchange the defective old one for the new one.

From: Pat: San Jose, CA

Comments: Had the old one, loved it until it fell apart, if it holds up its worth every penny. Only time will tell.

From: Erik: Land of 10,000

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