An elite quality lure with a Japanese influence, the Talon Custom Lures Shibui Spinnerbait is handcrafted from start to finish in the USA. Using only the finest materials, each minnow head is individually cast and painted using 50+ steps. The head's slightly triangular shape and wide, flat bottom allow the bait to come through cover upright and deflect snags, while High-Resonance Harmonic Wire combines the best features of stainless steel and titanium, holding its shape and creating a unique vibration. The Shibui skirts use soft silicone and are meticulously designed to match the head, and each skirt is hand tied, banded and then wire wrapped for added security. Available in a variety of colors, all of the Talon Custom Lures Shibui Spinnerbaits also feature matching hand-painted Gensu Blades, as well as, genuine Sampo Swivels.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Where do I begin with the review of this bait... For starters the color combinations offered are amazing, the detail is far better than I expected. You really cant get an appreciation for the attention to detail until you are holding one in your hand.  So a big thumbs up on as far as appearance goes, now it was time to put them to the real test on the lake. Thats where the Shibui really shined. This bait glides through the water with noticeably more vibration than any comparable baits that I have fished, and I have sampled many different brands both stock and custom. I have purchased over a dozen of these and every single bait has run perfectly true right out of the package.  Superior components,  amazing attention to detail on the paint job, and the fact that they are extremely durable have made the Shibui Spinnerbait a permanent fixture in my tackle box.

From: Mike: Sherman, TX

Comments:I'm thoroughly underwhelmed with this product. I wish I had bought Mini-Me's or Revenge spinner baits. The lure I used today turned on it's side during retrieve and that, after I had put a smaller willow blade on the back than the lure came with. The frame of the lure is not true. With the composite ti/stainless wire arm, you're not going to bend it to the proper position either. The paint is great, skirts are killer and the hardware and blades are primo. However, none of that matters if the lure won't catch fish, and it won't catch fish if it cork-screws through the water. At ten bucks a pop I expect a fishing lure, not a tackle box trinket.

From:Harold: Columbus, SC

Comments:Great spinnerbait..blue gill and hoochie shad been working well for me, worth the money.

From:Brian: New Jersey, USA

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