The famous "Green Handle" returns! With more BassMasters Classic wins than ALL other rod brands COMBINED, Team Daiwa has earned the title as the Pro's rod. More true professional anglers choose Team Daiwa Rods than any other brand, and their constant input has allowed Daiwa to perfect each rod and action to give the angler the finest tool available for every class of bait. High-Modulus, High-Strain graphite is used to build the Topwater/Twitchin', Wormin'/Jiggin', and Flippin' Rods. Super- light fiberglass has been used to build some of the most sensitive, reactive, and lightweight Crankin' Rods you've ever handled. Each rod action was tailor-made with just the right taper to complement the stiffness and produce a rod with the right responsiveness to load, the ability to cast their rated weight, and plenty of backbone to handle heavy fish without breaking the rated line test. You can be confident when you buy a Team Daiwa rod that you are fishing with the same rod as some of the biggest names in bass fishing today - names like Denny Brauer, Takahiro Omori, Mike Iaconelli, Jay Yelas and George Cochran, to mention a few.

The TDS rods bring you the contoured Softtouch reel seat and the ergonomic palm swell grip that will enable you to fish longer with much less fatigue than standard straight handled rods. Each rod offers you the exposed blank construction for maximum sensitivity. Premium cork is used in each handle and Fuji guides allow your line to slide smoothly for maximum casting ease and distance. The best part of such a feature-packed rod? The price!

Team Daiwa -S Freshwater Rods Features:

  • Superior blank action supported by materials from HSD graphite to fiberglass
  • Fuji aluminum oxide guides
  • Contoured Softouch reel seat and Cork grip fit the natural curve of your hand for greater comfort
  • Exposed blank handle for maximum sensitivity
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    Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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    Customer Reviews

    Comments: Not bad rods...been around for  YEARRRS...I had one about 5-6 years ago when the pricepoint was 100$...not sure what hte pricepoint went up to cuz this is a sale @ 99.99$ but they're okay. I think the reel seat is the best/coolest feature...The hard "foregrip/screw down lock" helps transmit vibrations...But to say "they're the best rod in this price range" is, in my opinion, a bogus statement...for 100$ I'd buy a Kistler Carbon Steel...Kistler's amazing, or an abu garcia veritas...and there's many other 100$ range rods that top these IMHO. But not a bad rod. EXTREMELY comfortable in the hand and great grip. Great for roll-casting, and short pitches...a 7/10 for the price range.

    From: Tanner: S.E. MASS

    Comments: i own the 7' MH wormin/jiggin setup and plan on buying a few more. these rods are awesome! you can feel everything with these and ive never lost a fish, maybe a few but not the rods fault. i highly recommend not to overlook these.

    From: Matt: Atco, NJ

    Comments: These are the best rods on the market in this price range. They are extremely sensitive, light, and strong.  The different models they have make it easy to match up combos for any fishing scenario.  I have every type they make and have nothing but praise for every one of them.

    From: Justin: SC

    Comments: This is probably my favorite rod that i own. Its just amazing and i have put it through hell...still going strong. Im a big fan of the Light & Tough rods and bout this when they discontinued the LT rods. It has not disappointed! Get you one

    From: Dustin: Eva, AL

    Comments: I own 6 of these rods I purchased about 5 yrs ago, they are still going strong, and every season I just sand down the cork and they look brand new. I use the 7 foot MH for everything from worms, lippless jigs and spinnerbaits. In my opinion the best all around rod on the market for the money. If they would break or show any signs of wear, I would order more in a hearbeat, but you just cannot kill these rods.

    From: Brian: Jacksonville, FL

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