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Tournament proven by anglers all over the United States and overseas, the Team Daiwa Tough & Light rods will amaze you by, well, by how light and tough they are! Built with high-modulus IM6 graphite and reinforced with the Daiwa Power Mesh system, these rods are just what the name says - Tough & Light. Their unique design and ergonomically engineered handles provide effortless casting and greater comfort for less fatigue. With natural cork grips, Fuji aluminum oxide guides and custom blank exposed reel seats, the Tough & Light rods deliver performance and quality.

Rod Handle Length:
Tackle Warehouse measures its rod handle lengths from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ Diagram ]

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  • Specifically designed to handle today's braided super lines and loaded with premium features, the Daiwa Steez SVF-XBD Frog Rod is one of the lightest, most exciting frog rods on the market.

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Comments: Got the cranking stix and it:s a great rod. Caught fish on that rod and never losed one yet, it ain:t the lightest rod on the market... it:s pretty heavy in fact, but it casts a mile and you won:t loose fish with it.

From: Alexis: Canada

Comments: The best flipping stick on the market. I have the 7'6" L&T flipping stick and it is so light and fits so well truly a awesome unit paired with ceanan!

From: Jessie: TN

Comments: Light yes, tough yes, sensitive not so much! Have the top water rod with a Citica and Sufix braid for throwing light poppers. Used it one time jigging for walleye and these blanks offer little sensitivity. I love the reel seat, with my Citica it is bar none the most ergonomic set up for my small hands. Love  Team Daiwa spinning reels and they are all I now use, but I think I will stick with Powell for the majority of rods.

From: Mark: Spokane, WA

Comments: i have had a 1 each, spin and casting L&T for 3 years and like both. the spin rod broke at the tip on a maybe 3lb bass. i treat all my gear as "tools" so rough treatment is not an option. maybe Diawa needs to do more testing.  do like the rods but tools should not break while doing the job they were built to do

From: Dwight: Santa Cruz, CA

Comments: Excellent rods for the price. Powell might make a better stick at the same price now, but if you like full handles, these are excellent. Great sensitivity, and balances very nicely with most reels. I fish the 6'6" MH for Texas rigs and light jigs, no problems, just lots of fish with a few over 5 lbs to boot. Also have the 6'3" Finesse spin, fine rod also. Not to mention, they have dealt with boat floors, rocks, and scrambling through brush and down cliffs without issue.

From: Chris: Santa Cruz, CA 

Comments: I bought the topwater rod back in the 90's.  I tried to replace it many times (tried a Steez rod and many other more expensive rods), but I always went back to this one.  So, I just bought the same rod in 2009, and still using it as one of my main topwater rods.  It's light and very well balanced.

From: MK: San Jose, CA 

Comments:I have a lot of rods of various manufacturers and the Daiwa T&L 701 5RB is one of my better rods for 140 bassbucks! I have had it for a while paired up with a TDZ103HA! It is just what I need to pitch jigs and Texas Rigged Brush Hogs up here @ Reelfoot! I yank em out with no problem and have had for several years with no problem from either rod or reel. Just re-spool with Seaguar fluorocarbon and you are good to go!

From:Michael: Ripley, TN

Comments:I have 3 LT's. A 661-4, a 701-3, and a 76T-5. My best five bass this spring was 25#4oz, all caught on the 661-4. Have not had any problems. Great rods.

From:Dennis: Dothan, AL

Comments:These rods look great but the quality is a little iffy. I have the 7'crank version and I found it a little tip heavy which isn't good when your casting all day.

From:Gerard: New York, NY

Comments:These rods are light, tough and sensitive for a 140 bucks, but they use very little glue to hold the reel seat on the pole itself. I had to buy locktite epoxy, sand the blank and refix the reel seat. Nothin like loosing a 5 lb bass when your reel seat goes crazy Daiwa.

From:J: MI

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