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This exciting new rod from Daiwa was designed by some of Daiwa's top California pros in conjunction with one of their top salesmen. The result is a fantastic rod with a multitude of uses. This is one of the best rods we've ever handled for throwing frogs and rats in the slop. The Daiwa Light and Tough Frog Rod features a fast tip that will load up and cast your bait way back on the mats, but it also has plenty of backbone to pull the fish out of the rough stuff. The highly responsive graphite used in the Tough and Light rods will allow you to set the hook with authority, one of the keys to consistently landing frog fish. This rod will also double as a perfect pitching and flipping rod with strength and sensitivity, and the fast tip will help you control your cast for pinpoint accuracy when pitching. The positioning of the guides along the blank was designed to accommodate anglers who want to use braided line with their frogs. The original design was upgraded with more guides added and repositioned to spread the strain of heavy braid over the length of the blank. Whether you use this rod for casting frogs on the mats, pitching Sweet Beavers into cover, or flipping jigs, one of the features you'll really appreciate after a long day on the water is just how light this rod is. Put one of Daiwa's ultra-modern cutting edge reels on this rod and you'll have a lightweight, ergonomic package that will allow you to fish all day with very little hand and arm fatigue. We believe the Daiwa Tough and Light Frog Rod will be a perfect complement to the rest of your rods and will soon become one of your favorites.

Comments: It's Light, Strong (Back Bone) , Perfectly Balanced for F&P, and Sexy.  I  know it kind of sounds like the perfect woman but simply put, the best flipping rod I have ever had. Thinking of buying a second so I don't have to choose whether the frog or the jig gets the pleasure this Spring even though the jigs had her all winter. California Pro's and the team manager at Daiwa sure made a beauty! My hats off to you guys, don't change a thing.

From: Regoman: Agoura Hills, CA

Comments: Bought a couple seasons ago, one of the best Frog rods I've used, even after I was dumb enough to close it in my truck tailgate and break off 4".  Pulls the fish in everytime and can fire a frog a mile.

From: Rex: WI

Comments: this rod is a joke broke into 4 pieces on a two pounder then they sent me another rod broke that one first time out on a cast.

From: Mike: no cal

Comments: worst rods ever.  Broke 2 of these, will never buy a daiwa product again.

From: Brad: Hanover, PA

Comments: I have had this rod for 3 yrs now . Caught lots of large Florida bass out of the thick junk. Awesome light rod with nice tip and lots of backbone.

From: Carl: Boca Raton, FL

Comments:  I've used this rod for 2 seasons now and I am quite pleased.  The tip is soft, allowing the rod to load easily in the cast.  Plenty of backbone for hooksets and pulling bass out of the nasty stuff.

From: Jacob: Atlanta, GA

Comments: its a good rod and i like the design of the handle but can use more guides. bought one a few years ago and broke it near the tip on a 1lb bass. could just be a defected rod. daiwa should definitely redesign the L&T for 2012 then maybe ill buy another one.

From: Hmong: 

Comments: I purchased a light & tough frog rod 2 seasons ago and love it. I use it for frogs over heavy weeds, pitching creatures, even shaky heads. It is very versatile and comfortable to fish with.

From: Michael: Leicester, MA

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