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Offering tournament class performance at a price that wont break the bank, the Team Daiwa T Series Casting Rods feature super sensitive IM-7 Graphite blanks that have the power to muscle in those big bites, as well as the ideal actions and tapers to excel at a range of bass fishing applications. Lightweight Fuji Aluminum Oxide Guides also provide excellent durability and help reduce friction, while premium Fuji ACS Reel Seats offer direct access to the blank for increased sensitivity transfer.  Also equipped with a split grip handle configuration complete with super comfortable EVA HD Foam Grips, the Team Daiwa T Series Casting Rods balance out perfectly with a range of casting reels.

Additional Features:

-Machined Nut Hood
-New Hook Keeper
-Backed by a 1-Year Limited Warranty 

Comments: I just bought a 7' MH and it handles superb. Love the feel and the sensitivity of the rod. Used it for the first time in the bay and I could feel the smallest of bites. This rod is not only sensitive but also has a very powerful backbone. Love this rod and  definitely plan on buying a few more.

From: Victor: San Diego, CA

Comments:  I have the 7' MH and I love it.  Enough backbone to punch watershield with 3/4oz tungsten and pull bass out.  Very versatile as well as you can get away with using crankbaits/spinnerbaits or what ever you fancy.  I have a lot of confidence in this rod and at $75, it's a steal.  If the 7'6" H wasn't telescopic and out of stock, I'd consider buying it for my dedicated punch rod.  Oh and the rod looks great as an added bonus.  If you are looking for a sub 100 dollar rod, I implore you to give this rod a consideration.

From: Kyle: Mountaineer Nation

Comments: very cool rod the look is awesome color combo. For the price I am beyond pleased. All fisherman do the same when we pickup a new rod check the balance action weight inspect components guides etc. The rod passed every test I put my revo Gen 3 inshore on it man it matches perfectly and has the same colors . I use it for bass one trip and saltwater rockfish the next trip do urself a favor get this setup and one is all u need instead of a freshwater combo and a saltwater combo save your money it can do both types of fishing at a high level

From: John: Monterey,calif

Comments: The TDT has a lot going for it:  Looks, price, good warranty, and performance.  I'm not going to compare it with high-dollar rods since I've never used any rod more expensive than the TDT.  The TDT can stand on its own as an excellent value. It looks absolutely stunning.  I chose this rod over the Abu Garcia Vendetta because it's $10 less and also because I really liked the looks of the TDT on TW.  The pics are good, but the TDT looks even better in hand. Price - as I said it's cheaper than the Vendetta.  It also looks better and has a slicker and more polished feel to it, based on what I've seen of the Vendetta while handling it in stores.
The TDT's warranty is for five years.  That's very good, though I hope I never need to use the warranty.  I don't expect to since I don't bang my rods around and decent rods don't break unless abused. The TDT does the job on the water.  Again, I'm not comparing it with any rod but itself when it comes to how the TDT fishes.  The rod by itself balances an inch or two in front of the reel seat.  It feels very well balanced with every reel I've tried on it, which includes the Shimano Citica D and E, Pflueger President WLPL, Academy H2O Xpress Mettle, and the Abu Garcia C3 Ambassadeur 5501. I fished the 6'6" M TDT through all of 2013 and it did splendidly for plastics.  I also used it for just about any other application you'd like to mention except A-rigs.  It's not perfect for everything no rod is but it can do just about everything at least passably well. Daiwa hit a grand slam with the TDT.  I've not used any other rods at the price point to compare it with, but the TDT is going to be tough to beat for the $$.  If you're on a budget and don't want to spend $100+ on rods, the TDT is worth much more than a passing glance.

From: Ben: Deep River, IA

Comments: Great rod period.  If I was to do a blind test, I would think it was at the 150 price point.  Sensitive and strong rod.  I have the 7 MH and use it for Jigs.  The tip is soft enough to skip 3/8 jigs under docks.  I also have the 6'6 M and I use it primarily for spinner baits, but for the past few weeks it has proven it self as a capable jerkbait rod.  There are better rods out there, but you would be hard pressed to find a better one at this price.

From: Javelin: NC

Comments: This is a excellent rod!! I bought the 7ft MH action rod and it is super strong yet really really sensitive and light too!! Absolutely great rod...if you want a awesome looking rod (picts don't do it justice) that is strong yet super sensitive that has a great feel to it then this is the rod. I am actually surprised that this is under 100$

From: Steven: Vine Grove, KY

Comments: Awesome rod for the money. I got the 7'' Md for spinnerbaits and it works perfect. Very light. If your looking for a great rod on a budget this is it.

From: Justin: Meridian, MS

Comments: For it being under 80 dollars it's the best rod ever for the money! Even if it was 150 it would be a good rod! This is what I'm talking about, a good rod at a fair price. Finally! Buy ten of em!!!!!

From: Antone: Los Angeles

Comments: ill admit i bought this on a whim and with help from the baitmonkey,so i wasnt sure when it got here if id like it or go ehh and toss it to the ever growing tackle aresenal in the garage,so it arrived i popped open the tube and fell in love with it,it looks like a long legged hot blonde u see in the mall bwhahah,no but really its a great lookn rod and i paired mine up with the tierra baitcaster and it looks even better and matches up to make a great feeling combo in hand,sure its not the lightest rod but i can fish all day with it and be fine,for the price i payed and what i got i am truly more then happy and glad i jumped on this rod,better then the shimano sellus the baitmonkey made me jump on also,gave that to my 9yr old son.

From: Steveo: Windycity

Comments: An awesome rod at a great value!  I received 2 rods and have already ordered another.  Not only does it have a good look, but is light in your hands.  My only complaint is that is a little tip heavy, even when matched with a Daiwa Zillion real.  The looks and feel is similar to a Abu Garcia Vendetta rod, but backed with a 5-year warranty.   

From: Derek: Spring, TX

Comments: This is a very nice budget rod. I would compare it to the Veritas and the Mojo-Bass. Its actually surprisingly sensitive for its price point. Granted its not a St. Croix Legend or a GLoomis NRX, but I chose this for a larger reaction bait/frog rod so I dont need extreme sensitivity. If I had to choose between this and the previously mentioned rods, Id pick the Daiwa T in a heartbeat. It looks extremely cool, feels great, and its cheaper then its over-rated competitors. It is very well balanced (I currently have a Revo Premier on it) and it is no-where near as tip-heavy as the Mojo.  I bought this rod as an impulse buy, and decided to return it to TW before it even got to my door. However, once I put a reel on it, I realized its a keeper, and I am hard to impress. Good job Daiwa.

From: Daniel: NC

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