Legendary rod designer Gary Loomis teamed up with Temple Fork Outfitters to create the Gary Loomis Signature Series Casting Rods. The combination of Gary's designs and cutting edge materials yielded an ultra-sensitive, lightweight series of rods. Featuring crisp and responsive tips fortified by powerful butt sections, the single-footed guides with super hard SiC inserts also provide durable performance, while helping to maintain optimum rod curvature and reduce friction. Nicely finished with split grip handles for reduced weight and increased leverage, AAA grade cork also ensures classic comfort.

Gary Loomis identified Temple Fork Outfitters' affordable, high performance approach to rod building with which they have been so successfully in the fly fishing world. This combined with their commitment to customer service and the fact that they have 100% control over their manufacturing, was just what Loomis was looking for. It allowed the team to create an incredible rod series at an introductory price point. The Temple Fork Outfitters Gary Loomis Signature Casting Rods - providing unparalleled bass fishing performance at an unparalleled price.

"All I have ever wanted to do was build the best rods available for everyone to fish. Through TFO, I am able to deliver a true performance rod that once cost three times as much. Working with TFO allows me to put high-quality rods in the hands of potential anglers that otherwise would not have access to this kind of gear. It is these new anglers that through their enjoyment of the sport, will help us protect our threatened fisheries." - Gary Loomis

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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  • The TFO Gary Loomis Tactical Casting Rods were designed with legendary rod designer, Gary Loomis, to provide even stronger and more sensitive performance - all while remaining lightweight and affordable.

  • Perfect for a range of crankbait applications, the Temple Fork Outfitter Tactical Cranking Rods were designed by legendary rod designer, Gary Loomis to put high quality fishing rods in the hands of more anglers.

  • Designed for anglers who prefer to fish drop shots with a baitcasting setup, the TFO Gary Loomis Tactical Drop Shot Casting Rods were designed by legendary rod designer, Gary Loomis to offer incredible technique-specific performance at an affordable price.

  • When it's time to catapult some swimbaits then reach for the TFO Gary Loomis Tactical Swimbait Casting Rod. Built by visionary rod designer, Gary Loomis, this rod was made to give anglers the quality they need at a price they want. 

  • Maintaining all of the performance and value as the original Gary Loomis Signature Series Rods, the TFO TFG Professional Series Casting Rods provide revamped cosmetics and upgraded components that are simply a cut-above. 

  • Combining the vast angling experience of the 2013 Bassmaster Classic Champion with Gary Loomis' world-renowned rod-building experience, the TFO TPM Pacemaker Series Casting Rods cater to the demands of both Elite Series professionals and weekend warriors.

  • As a Bassmaster Classic Champion, Cliff Pace understands the demands on tackle and the type of rods required to get the job done. Working with TFO, Cliff Pace has developed the TFO TPM Pacemaker Series Flippin rods to satisfy the performance needs of both Elite Seres anglers and weekend warriors. 

Customer Reviews

Comments: i bought the 6'6" version of this rod for my Abu Garcia revo SX and and am very happy with it. It works great with cranking and also with all soft plastics. Fantastic rod

From: William: TX

Comments: I purchase the 7'6 Extra Heavy for a frog rod and so far it held on pretty good!! paired it up with a revo sx HSL and spooled up with power pro and it cast a mile!!

Comments: I purchased the 7'6 heavy. Great for those of you looking for a rod for throwing the alabama rig!!!!

From: Chris: NLR, AR

Comments: Amazing froggin rod: 7'6" heavy.  Great hook set power from 30+ yards away!  Absolutely love this rod!

From: Paul: Whitewater, WI

Comments: I own three of these rods and love the way they handle big fish, to other fishermen make sure the rod is properly splined and it will feel more balanced, and handle better.  I love them buying more...

From: Charles: Manteca, CA

Comments: I own 2 of these rods and I love them. I use one for small jigs and one for cranking. They are really comfortable and cheap. Im getting one more for pitching.

From: Chase: Glen Allen, VA

Comments: I bought 2 and they're going back!  They're not sensitive for cranks and spinners for sure.  I can't imagine using them for plastics.

From: Fred: Pearland, TX

Comments: I have several of these Temple Fork rods. They are really nice rods. I really enjoy using the 7'6"M and 7'6"MH rods. The 7'6"M is a amazing rattle trap and sebile magic swimmer rod. Give them a try, you will not be disappointed. Also a lifetime warranty

From: Charles: Asheville, NC

Comments: excellent rod but the color coding is not advertised, depending on which type of action rod you get varies the color between the grips.

From: James: Toledo Bend, LA

Comments: I have a M, H, & XH paired with the Diawa Luna, Quantum Smoke and Catalyst PT lined with Power Pro Braid. Using crank baits, plastics, jigs and or live bait, casting or drifting. Fishing for bass, reds, and trout. These rods handle extremely well, sensitive, and can take punishment. May be a tad heavy, but we have fished all day with out any problems...

From: Charlie: Austin, TX

Comments: Good action, better than some more expensive rods i own, only problem they look cheap and gaudy with the gold eyes and gold on the reel seat.

From: Jack: Modesto, CA

Comments: Any one who says these rods are as good as a loomis is crazy. Very heavy and very stiff for the action that is said to be.

From: Doug: Albany, IN

Comments:I am a G-Loomis person. Got the 6.6 rods and a 7 footer and they are just as good as the G rods that I have! Gotta get another 7 footer! Great for the Crankbait!

From:Michael: Lake Casitas, CA

Comments:It is a good quality rod with lots of backbone yet heavy. If they modify to weight balance fighting butt system like BPS rods, it would be a perfect rod.

From: Ontario, Canada

Comments:I thought this rod would be a lot lighter than what it was. I use it for swim jigs mostly and its gonna be rough throwing them suckers all day on it. Its a quality rod just heavy.

From:Adam: Knoxville, TN

Comments:Just took mine out for a test run and man I am impressed. All I own are G Loomis rods and this is right there with them. For a $100 bucks you can't beat it.


Comments:Pretty good rod, a lot of backbone, the MH seems more like a Heavy. Its sensitive and fairly light.

From:Tony: Centre, AL

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