Featuring a new head design to keep your traler off the bottom when you drag or hop it, the Terminator Half Skirt Football Jigs also feature a half skirt, like the name suggests, for a slightly more compact profile, and increased bottom contact from the head for added sensitivity. Designed for sand, gravel, and rock bottoms, the Terminator Half Skirt Football Jigs also come equipped with a heavy duty VMC black nickel hook with a rotated eye and a stainless steel baitkeeper.

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Comments: I got a couple in a swag bag. Who makes a football jig without a weed guard? Its not a bad jig after you drill a 1/8 hole in it then glue in a weed guard. Im gonna stick with my Piney River Custom Lures jigs.

From: Sam: Ennis, TX 4/16/14

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