The Terminator T1 Short Arm Thumper Spinnerbait comes equipped with a Terminator-exclusive Oklahoma Thump’r Hydro Flow blade that has a special slot to allow water to gurgle and bubble through. Not only does it generate a ton of flash, it’s a big blade that can produce an astounding amount of thump and vibration. The complex water flow off the blade also produces pulsations that make the skirt dance, and an extra-strong SnapBack titanium frame makes the T1 Short Arm Thumper one of the truest running, longest-lasting spinnerbaits around.  Also featuring an innovative shovel-head design that stabilizes it at slow speeds, every Terminator T1 Short Arm Thumper Spinnerbait is equipped with a super sharp VMC Needle Point Hook to seal the deal.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Pricey, but holds up well to the meanest pike and bass caught plenty of 30"+ pike and still running true.

From: Herman: Midwest

Comments: this thumper creates a good vibration and is very durable. i have caught big bass with it and my biggest pike so far.

Comments: I had very high hopes for this lure, but did not have any real success with it. Fished it from summer to early winter. Over 5 months I only ever caught one small bass on it, while I caught many more on other spinnerbaits on the same days. To make things worse, the wire broke above the knot on a standard retrieve after 5 months of non-frequent use. I was very surprised, thinking the titanium wire would last a long time. It sure didn't get stressed from catching fish.

From: Mike: PA

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