Drop it like a jig around cover, or retrieve it like a spinnerbait, the Terminator Twin Spin Spinnerbait features a unique double arm configuration with two Terminator-exclusive, beveled Oklahoma blades. The combination of the blades and Twin Spin’s patented SnapBack titanium frame generates an enticing blend of flash and vibration that gets the attention of fish in the area. The titanium frame also makes it one of the truest running and longest lasting spinnerbaits around. Available in a range of proven color combinations, the Terminator Twin Spin Spinnerbaits also feature premium QuickSkirt changeable silicone skirts and super sharp VMC Needle Point Hooks.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: this bait, and the little flimsy arms just end up too close together and the blades fowl and don't act right.  I would recommend making the arms stiffer to keep the blades off each other.  Nice idea, but its hard to have confidence in a bait that doesn't look like its working properly.  I tried to bend the arms and adjust it, and they are just to flimsy.  The problem just re-occurs.

From: Jake: Richland, WA

Comments: Had same problem, 1 fish and blade broke off.  Cheap swivel on expensive lure.

From: Frank: Harrisburg, PA

Comments: One blade broke off after just an hour of use. What a waste of money. I have been throwing a few twin spin designs for a while now, and have never gotten as much as a hit on one.  They just don't do much for me down here in the canals I guess. Regular spinnerbaits do produce though.

From: Craig: Sunrise, FL

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