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The Inhibitor VCI Wiping Cloth is perfectly designed for applying The Inhibitor V80 VCI/Oil Blend to any metal surface. Measuring 10" x 10", its soft, high-grade Canton flannel is designed to hold The Inhibitor's V80 VCI/Oil Blend and its corrosion preventing vapors. The Inhibitor V80 VCI/Oil Blend is the most scientifically advanced formula for protecting and lubricating metal surfaces and equipment from rust and corrosion. Providing the ultimate protection from the harshest of elements, the V80 formula is able to penetrate into the smallest cracks and crevices, stopping rust and corrosion in its tracks. The V80 formula is designed for long term protection and should be the last application prior to storing and metal gear or equipment.

-Stops Rust & Corrosion
-Safe on All Metal Surfaces
-Penetrates into the Smallest Cracks or Crevices
-Instantly Protects All Metals from Rust and Corrosion
-Advanced Vapor Technology
-Will not gum up
-Easy to Use

Directions For Use:

Package contains The Inhibitor V80 Wiping Cloth and one sealed packet of Inhibitor V80 VCI/OIL Blend. Tear open packet and saturate the cloth with contents. Then simply wipe down all your firearms, knives, tools, fishing reels or metal surfaces for long term protection. Store wiping cloth in sealed package when not in use. Replenish the cloth after moderate use with The Inhibitor’s VCI V80 Oil Blend.

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