The Inhibitor VCI Pro Chips 20 pack

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The Inhibitor VCI Pro Chips are a safe, easy and economical way to protect your fishing tackle, toolboxes, small part bins, and any other small metal items that need protection from rust and corrosion. Each chip has been treated on both sides with The Inhibitor’s special VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors) that release a non-toxic vapor, which blends with moisture and oxygen and stops rust and corrosion in its tracks. The special vapors are able to penetrate into the smallest cracks and crevices, providing the total protection you need. The rust preventing vapors are non-toxic, and environmentally safe. Even if the VCI Pro Chips get wet, the Advanced Vapor Technology is able to provide complete protection for up to 1 year.

-Vapors protect all metals from rust & corrosion
-No scent residue or oily film
-Environmentally Safe
-Safe on rubber & plastics
-Ready to use, lasts up to 1 year

Directions for Use and Applications:

The Inhibitor VCI Pro Chips include five perforated chips per sheet (4 sheets per pack). Use as a full sheet in larger areas (tool boxes, tool chests, reel boxes) or break the sheets apart at the perforations and place individual chips into each bin you are protecting. For maximum protection, The Inhibitor recommends placing one VCI Pro Chip at the bottom of each bin. For smaller areas, chips can be cut to size to fit the application needed. Change as directed.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Small investment to protect your large investments.  These go in every box I have and I have been using them for years.  I used to have to buy the Plano 3650 boxes just to get these things.  For your terminal tackle, cut them into thirds, label them, then put then in the appropriate place.  Chatterbaits are the worst rusting baits I own and I double up on them.  

From: Matt: Broken Arrow, OK 1/29/17

Comments: These strips are the best money saver you can buy. I mark the year on a strip and place it in each box that have hooks that can potentially rust. I leave in 3 years & toss anyone marked 4 years or older. I have a lot of baits that stay in the boat all year sun or rain & have never replaced a hook or split ring from rust.

From: Bruce: Hubertus, WI 10/27/16

Comments: These are nice but what I use and tell all my friends is to save and use those moisture packs that come in shoe boxes. Those always seem to work well for us.

From: Mark: USA 4/29/16

Comments: No more rust for me.  I use them and don't change them as often as I should and they still work.  Protect your investment and put them in every box.  I take all my hooks and store them in individual 2" x 3" clear storage bags and cut a VCI Chip to fit and write on the Chip the make and size of the hook.  For under $20 you can put a tab in almost every compartment in all my tackle boxes.

Comments: I have used these before and haven't been able to find them in a long time. Thanks TW for stocking them they work great just put them in your tackle trays and forget about rusty hooks!

From: Justin: Redmond, OR

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