The Red One Replacement Trolling Motor Cable - $88.99

Trolling motor cables have a very short life in the world of an active bass angler. They seem to break at the most inopportune time and are an extreme pain to replace, especially when on the water and in ugly conditions. Now anglers have a solution.

The Red One Replacement Trolling Motor Cables are available for both Minn Kota and MotorGuide trolling motors. The cables are made from 100% aircraft grade stainless steel and coated with an extremely durable material used in exercise equipment. This provides ease of movement and protection from rusting. All metal components are 100% stainless steel. They are pressed on, and pull tests performed on the handles and cables show they can handle over 600lbs without failure. The stock handle is made from ABS white plastic that stays cool in hot weather and is extremely durable. Also included in the kit is a new post holder for those who want to anchor the handle when not in use. Designed by Danny Miller of Miller Built Products - makers of the Miller Punchin' Weight - The Red One Replacement Trolling Motor Cables offer a convenient and complete system-to-end trolling motor rope replacement.

Minn Kota Fourtrex
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The Red One Replacement Trolling Motor Cable

4 Available Colors

  • Minn Kota Fourtrex
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  • Minn Kota Maxxum
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  • Minn Kota Maxxum Pro
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Comments: Seems to be a great idea...will give it the test

From: Doug: Winston, Oregon

Comments: Awesome!  This is a complete system! I wouldn't be surprised if MinnKota or MotorGuide rips this off and starts putting it on their new motors. 

From: Jason: Sacramento, CA

Comments: Very good idea!! But product is way over priced.

From: Cajun Celtic: AL

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