The Rod Glove Wrapz 2 Pack - $6.99

The Rod Glove Wrapz are made from neoprene and are designed to bundle your rods securely. Perfect for travelling, each pack of Rod Glove Wrapz includes a 15” strap for the bottom and a 10” strap for the top.

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The Rod Glove Wrapz 2 Pack

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The Rod Glove Wrapz 2 Pack $6.99

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Comments: Best wraps on the market! If you tourney fish or carry multiple rods on your day out fishin, these are perfect...I usually carry 8 rods/reels just for a practice day...and these wraps hold all my rods together, traveling back and forth from the truck to the dock makes carrying a bundle of rods easier and more compact, they make it easier to maneuver your rods when traveling from place to place...Love em!

From: Shark: Where Blue Angels Fly, MD

Comments: These wraps are great for co-anglers, keeps your rods together in the Anglers boat.

From: James: Madison, FL

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