The Yellow Hammer Spinnerbait Rig

A super-tough construction combined with an innovative twist makes the Yellow Hammer Spinnerbait Rig a tasty target for bass, and a reliable choice for anglers. The head of the Yellow Hammer Spinnerbait Rig is ultra-light and available in an array of custom baitfish designs. The spinner blades halfway down each arm are attached with ball bearing swivels and have additional rattles for an enhanced level of attraction. The four outer branches are equipped with willow blades, and a Colorado blade accompanies the center offshoot. Industrial strength swivels and snap locks on the end of each arm are tough enough to handle as many bass as you can get to bite - without busting. Next time you’re fishing, drop the hammer on suspended bass with the Yellow Hammer Spinnerbait Rig.

**Don't forget to check your State's fish and game rules and regulations - a fully rigged umbrella rig is illegal in some States. 

Yellow Hammer  Middle Wire Length Outer Wire Length
Spinnerbait Rig 6" 5.75"

3 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Incredibly tough rigs. have caught dozens of good fish consecutively without having to even tweak an arm. I love not having to change the hardwear. awesome bait

From: Matt: Lagrange, GA 5/30/15

Comments: For the last three years Yellow Hammer has always been my go to A-Rig when I need one with blades... Unfortunately, these rigs cost me a ton of money in tournaments last Fall.  The arms break off way to easy. I'm not sure if they changed the wire or are making them differently but my friends and I all agree the "newer" ones ordered from TW are terrible!

From: Mike: NY 2/23/15

Comments: Good Quality Rig. I threw it last weekend and caught several nice fish on it. The snaps and swivels are strong and don't need to be replaced, I rigged it with two 1/8 oz Picasso Jigheads on top two wires, 3/16 ounce on Middle Wire and 1/4 oz on bottom wires. It ran true and caught fish consistently, I would recommend this product.

From: HB: TX 5/11/14

Comments: Best made A-Rig on the market. Nothing else comes close! Put it on the end of a 7'11" Cashion rod and you are in business! Quality parts equal a bait you can use every trip!

From: Drew: Bessemer, AL 3/9/14

Comments: The best A-rig on the market, hands down. Quality components and performs like it should for the price. A must have for serious fishermen.

From: Mike: Columbia, TN

Comments: I heard a lot about this bait being quality, so I tried it for myself.  It held up better than any of the other rigs I have used.  It has the perfect size blades and quality swivels that CONSISTENTLY turn.  Other rigs are made with cheap components.  This is the best rig I have used. Strongest snaps and swivels on the market. Plus, a swivel line tie.  NICE!!!

From: Jerry: Guntersville, AL

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