Thee Fisherman's Soap - $5.99 to $8.99

Usually you get advice about squirting your hands with artificial fish scent, so that as you handle your fishing gear, lures and other tackle, your human scent is masked by the artificial fish odor.

But not any more, using Thee Fisherman’s Soap on tackle and hands eliminates human scent without masking the odor - it actually eliminates it.

Thee Fisherman’s Soap is specially formulated to eliminate human, fish and bait odors. Just lather up, scrub (use warm water for best results), rinse and repeat.  It also works great for skunk, onion and cigarette odors as well.

Please note: 1oz size does not come with pump dispenser.

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Thee Fisherman's Soap

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Comments: Worx...good stuff

From: Tanner: Southeastern, Massachusetts

Comments: You don't list ingredients.  Ingredients are important to decision making.

Comments: Let me tell you this stuff flat out gets the job done!

From: Nick: The Informative Fisherman

Comments: the best soap

From: Jordan: Fresno, CA

Comments: This soap is a must have for every fisherman! It gets rid of all kinds of bad smells, not just fish. This stuff is dynamite! 

From: Ben: Three Rivers, MI

Comments: Can not beat this soap. Cleans your boat, livewells, gps screens and not to mention takes the smell off your hands! AWESOME.

From: Jason: Grand Rapids, MI

Comments: This is a great product that shocked me the first time I used it.. It has many uses, as I found out later. I love onions and garlic. Italian foods are my favorite. I washed my hands with this stuff and it DOES NOT cover up the scent...It removes it. It is ECO-friendly, and it can be used to clean stinky coolers, livewells, and I have even used a dab in my clothes after fishing. Great product.. A++ Also it doesnt tak much product for it to do the job..

From: Kris: Montross, VA

Comments: This stuff is awesome. Clean livewells, gps screens, and everything else that have fish smell on it. Best soap on the market!

Comments: This stuff is awesome and also works great for cleaning livewells!

From: Jimmy: Grand Rapids, MI

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