Introducing the steerable lure, the Think Tank Lures Triggerfish features Think Tank’s revolutionary Z-Trieve steering technology that allows you to fish in ways and places you never thought possible. Go under that tree - into that cove - weave through those pads - the Think Tank Lures Triggerfish responds to your every command, giving you limitless possibilities with every cast.

Think Tank Length Weight
Triggerfish 4-1/2" 5/8oz

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

Line Recommendations: Use Braid up to 30lbs & Mono between 6-12lbs for best performance.

Here are some of the basics:

Steering - Cast and retrieve with your rod tip up, taking up slack until your line is completely out of the water.  When you want to change direction, pause your retrieve and allow the head to flip.  Resuming your retrieve will make the Triggerfish dive and turn in the opposite direction.  Keep your rod up and the line out of the water.  As the Triggerfish gets closer, lower your rod tip, finishing at or below horizontal at the end of the retrieve.  Alternately, Triggerfish can be turned by rapidly accelerating.  Once a direction has been established, accelerate your retrieve and maintain a fast retrieve until Triggerfish turns sharply.  Great for active fish.

The Diving Chug - To call fish up from the depths, begin by establishing contact with the lure after the cast with your rod tip up.  Stop your retrieve and lower your rod to give slack to the line.  Twitch forcefully and sharply, then allow slack. Triggerfish will simultaneously chug, dive, and turn, causing a serious surface commotion. As the lure gets closer, lower your rod tip so the lure is not yanked out of the water by the twitch.  Walking the dog will never be the same.

The Jumping Minnow - Pause your retrieve, then give a steady sweep with your rod tip finishing high. Triggerfish will turn, dive, and jump out of the water like a baitfish running for its life. Change up the speed and length of the sweep to control how far it jumps. Extra points for splashy landings.

The Crippled Dive - Quick, short tugs on your line will make the Triggerfish dig underwater and dart from side-to-side erratically. Especially deadly on following fish.

The Barrel Roll - Hold your rod horizontally when reeling and the Triggerfish will perform a barrel roll. Raise your rod tip to stop the roll and go in one direction - if you don’t already have a fish on.

Check out some tips on fishing the Think Tank Trigger Fish in this Video.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The TriggerFish is an oustanding non-hype real deal lure. It does exactly what ThnkTank Lures claims and is easy to control. I have them in several colors for fresh and saltwater. Even the package is first rate. 2 thumbs up ThinkTank Lures!!

From: Skip: Lewes, DE

Comments: Last week I was on the road 20 min when I realized I had left my fishing pack with all my Triggerfish at home.  10 seconds later I had the truck turned around.  I don't think I'd do that for any other lure.  In less than 6 months I've already had some of the most memorable catches in 20 yrs of fishing.  Now I keep a silver shad and chrome dusk under my seat for emergencies. 

From: Drew: Auburndale, FL

Comments: I have been fishing the TriggerFish for quite some time now and am continually impressed by it. The various actions you can create with this lure make it extremely versatile. It takes a few practice casts/retrieve to learn the proper way to get the lure to respond in the different fashions, but is not difficult. This lure is not only fun to fish, but it flat out solicits some awesome strikes..For some reason the fish just want to crush this lure, and typically attack it with a vengeance. If you enjoy hard hitting topwater action, this lure is a must for your tackle box.

From: Morgan: Madison, Wi

Comments: I have been using the Triggerfish as my primary topwater lure for the past two seasons.  It is a fantastic bait that has made me re-think when and where to go topwater.  My confidence has soared along lily pad beds because this bait can run parallel to the weed edge for as long as I wish.  It throws very long, and I steer it up to the edge of the weeds and just rip it along, inducing reaction strikes from largemouth, smallmouth and pike.  Stump fields are another big producer for me with the Triggerfish.  I can work from stump to stump on one cast.  The Triggerfish is very steer-able once you get the hang of it.  I learned the basics with this bait in fewer than 15 minutes and have been a believer ever since my first session with it. Use braided line, keep your rod tip up and just pause to re-direct from one spot to another.  My favorite catches have been with smallies who seem to go nuts over this bait during the fall feed.  It's a fantastic bait!

From: John: SE Michigan

Comments: The wife and I added these lures to our tackle box about 6 months ago, and they are hands down, the best lures we own.  We've have a creek behind our home with countless obstacles.  In the past if we wanted to get up against the bank where the mature bass were hiding it was always a risk.  After two visits to the creek with Triggerfish we were successfully driving these lures through places we wouldn't have dared gone before. I honestly couldn't tell you how many fish we have caught with these lures.  The last few days some snook have begun making their way up our creek and they have been hitting on these lures as well (can't wait for season to start!).

From: Cecil and Peggy: Alva, FL

Comments: sadly, I catches fisherman and not fish.  Bought 7 at a show when they first came out, none worked properly out of the package.  Too many good products on TW to carry this one.

From: Jake: NY

Comments: These lures run upside down. I don't have a problem turning them. Great idea. They just keep flipping over on me, even with bigger hooks.

From: Joe: Augusta, Maine

Comments: To the reviewer rtowns from Voorhees:  The issues that you describe should not be happening.  Please contact Tackle Warehouse or write to us at thinktanklures@aol.com and we will arrange for a replacement.  If there is a mechanical issue with the lure we would like to examine it and determine what is causing the atypical behavior.

From: ThinkTank Lures

Comments: A great idea, I like new products that are different than the norm. I actually caught a fish on the first cast when trying it out. I don't think I will be using it very often though. I got it working like the video, it was dead calm out. It is waaaay too touchy, a slight increase in speed will make it barrel roll or change directions and I do mean the slightest change. Also the blade will seize up if there is anything in the water to get caught up in the small gap between the bait. A bigger gap would have solved this problem. I would also prefer a larger blade for more commotion, when it does work it is very subtle. Like I said before it is a cool idea but personally I can't imagine it getting much more time on the water.

From: rtowns: Voorhees, NJ

Comments: Being a topwater fanatic, I jumped on this last summer.  Since then I've found myself using it more and more, and I now have a dedicated rod on hand at all times.  With all the miles I've put on this bait, I here's my take on it.  Pros- easy to learn, unique actions (lots of them), durability, confidence-inspiring look, good producer, really fun to throw.  Cons- harder to control if there's a lot of chop or wind (I'll still use it for twitching/deadsticking), if there's filamentous algae around, keep it in the box.  Bottom line- this is the one lure I use more than any other and the fish never seem to get tired of it, even though I fish a limited number of smaller waters.  If you're not a straight up chuck and wind type the small effort needed to learn this bait will be well worth it.

From: Kevin: North Waterford, ME

Comments: I think I would make a good topwater for bluefish, just make sure you don't use a leader.

Comments: I posted a message a few months back. Since that time I was able to boat some fish on this thing.  It takes a ton of work to get this lure to go where you want it, and part of it depends on which way it lands to see if it will start out going the direction you want it to or the opposite direction.   End of the day you can run this lure along banks and under docks and around anything and everything.  Fish seem to slam it because you can run it where not to many other lures can run.   I stand by my prior comments.  For $13.00 it is worth trying one.  PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE !!  Rod tip up, braided line, crank, stop, let it turn around crank again. 

Comments: I got my Triggerfish in the mail a few days ago and got to try it out today. I must say that it fishes very different from any other lure that i have ever fished.  I took it to a local body of water that doesnt produce topwater and was just practicing to get used to it.  It took me all of a few casts and reading the back of the package to get myself going in sync with it.  Its no lazy mans lure by any means.  Put your mind into what your doing and focus on the fishing and you will get it.  Im excited to see what i can do with this lure now that im grounded well in how it works.

From: Kyle: Hutchinson, KS

Comments:  had the bait working for a little bit but it was just to windy when i was trying it out. made it very hard to use in the wind. cant wait for a calm day to test this bad boy out!

From: Matt: IL

Comments: I'm a Intermediate/Amateur level bass fisherman. Received the Think Tank Trigger Fish today. Only had about an hour after work to hit the Housatonic River before it got dark and had the Chocolate Lab Pup with me so I didn't have much time. I cast the lure into timber I would never even think of with lower quality lures. In spots a one foot channel to walk it through. I have the up most confidence I can put this lure where it matters and not lose it due to a snag. All I can say is that with in six casts I had the lure working just like the video. I was able to work it in and out of big timber and brush, stop it and turn it on a dime. Chug it. Pop it, Swim It and everything else the video shows.  Read the directions, hold the rod tip up and keep the line out of the water until you get the hang of it. After that about all you can do is find the fish. Very impressive lure! Now I can't wait to get on the lake for a day. I have a video of my test of the lure right out of the box. Took it with my Hat Cam and GoPro 960 Wide Angle. Can upload on request.

From: Carl: Derby, CT

Comments:  i ordered the basic perch one and finally got to test it out. it does take a little time to get it right, your line does have to be completely out of the water in order for it to work like what you see in the vids. but caught some good three and four pounders off it. most of the hits came as soon as i paused the trigger fish from a fast zigzag. it really looks like an injured perch trying to get away, the bass went nuts for it. i can do pretty much anything with this lure i can pop it jerk it buzz it. ready to catch some monsters with this lure!!

From: Thaoe: MN

Comments: These things work! I have some of the colors that aren't available on TW, and I feel that color is very important with these lures. My favorite way to fish them is to make jerks, sort of like a jerkbait. And then just let it sit at the surface. That pause is just irresitable. I feel a perch color would be the best in most ares but choose your local baitfish as your color.

From: Kory: Saugus, MA

Comments: Takes a little time to get use to. Perfect combination topwater. First day out caught an 8lbs 2oz , 6lbs, and several 2 to 3lbers. Explosive strikes. I would recommend a 6'6 to 7' medium heavy fast tip rod with a reel of no less than 6:3:1.  with a minimum 12lbs line. Tackle Warehouse are you planning on getting any of the other colors?

From: Mike: Norman Park, GA

Comments: So far so good.  Between this and my Ribbits I can handle most topwater.  It seems like smallies like it alot they really go after it.

From: JJ: Dracut, MA

Comments: Very versatile bait.  Work it slow, fast, or anywhere in between.  I was surprised how much commotion it made when I chugged it but it only came forward a few inches. Got my first catfish on top, a few trout, and plenty of bass.  Very pleased with this one.

From: Wes: State College, PA

Comments: Excelent lure. The swimm in zigzag is totaly different. The lure is one big innovation. I love this lure!!!

From: Alberto: Len, Guanajuato, Mexico

Comments: I get it where I want it then work it with quick twitches...It's scary how much it looks like a dying shiner.  The bass agree.  Not exactly the most relaxing fishing cause I'm always expecting it to get pummeled but I'll live with it.

From: Seth: Gainesville, FL

Comments: It just takes some time to get used to this lure, take it out and just play around with it, and soon enough you'll be retreiving it just like on the video! BE paitent, hey did you "walk the dog "right your first time out with a stick bait?

From: Mrbond007: East Lansing, MI

Comments: I agree with Chace and California below, I can't help but think there is nothing wrong with the lures people stated below.  This is not a traditional lure by any stretch of the imaginiation.  So it won't retrieve like one; and that's a good thing!  After 4-5 casts, I was zig-zagging the few I bought like a pro.  As mentioned below, the key is to keep the line out of the water (like in the instructions).  It's a snap to steer this thing in-and-out of standing timber; just STOP the lure to change directions! -To address the complaint of the lure somewhat retrieving on it's side; it's best to look at where the line tie is located.  Any floating lure with the line tie on top will have a non-tradtional retrieve.  This ain't your grandpa's crankbait folks, it's very different. :-) It's supposed to retrieve like that, and aggressive topwater fish like it like that! -Follow the instructions on the package and the website, and you'll be steering this bad boy like a pro; it's simple. -Great job Thinktank, it's nice to see some true innovation in the industry.!

From: D: Missouri

Comments: I agree with Chace below, there is nothing wrong with this lure, it works exactly as it claims and shown in the video.  Whether you use braid or mono, keep your line out of the water and it'll work fine.  I own 4 of these and they all work fine so its obviously not a case of a "bad" batch.  Don't be quick to say it doesn't work when its user error.

From: California

Comments: Sweet!  Couldn't wait to try this one now my club is all over it.  For all you noobs out there keep your line out or the water and I mean all of it when you are steering it.  And yeah it's always on its side that's how it does what it does...amazing

From: Chace: Santee, SC

Comments: I agree, mine does not work. I have tried it on braid and mono. Just tries to swim on its side, or the rear treble hook catches the rear spinner. It simply doesn't do anything, and it does not buzz or steer as in their video. Maybe its a bad batch or their proto type was different. Either way when you spen $13.00 dollars on a lure you would expect it to work. The Think Tank Company needs to be replacing these or refunding us some money. Truly unethical to advertise and for it to not perform as the video shows.

From: Don: St. Cloud, FL

Comments: I have had no luck getting mine to run properly.  Very dissapinted.

From: Patrick: Lafayette, GA

Comments: I love this lure!  The video pales in comparison to what you can actually do with it.  I've been fishing in spots with lots of overhanging trees and getting absolutely slammed including my new personal best 9-7.  So easy to use once I hung it on the powerpro braid.  I'm stocking up on this one.  Great, great lure!

From: Nick: Welsh, LA

Comments: I recently bought a couple of Trigger Fish (Classic Perch and Ghost Rainbow Trout), but I wasn't able to make them working properly at all! When retrieved, they loy down on a side without any action. I work them with a 6'6", 1 oz class, MH St Croix rod with 16 lbs nylon. I hope they do not belong to a wrong batch!

From: Mario: Italy

Comments: Mine works great on 30 pound braid on a medium rod, when i used copoly on a medium heavy not so much

From: George

Comments: Sorry to hear that some of you are having difficulties.  While the overwhelming majority of feedback we have received has been very positive, we are dedicated to making it a full 100%.  There will be a how-to video completed shortly that will show techniques from a vantage point of behind the angler, showing how simple fishing with Triggerfish really is.

From: Think Tank Lures

Comments: I guess im not the only one or maybe we just dont know how to use it but it jus swims on its side and dosent do much. I tired it on braided and mono, fast a slower baitcasters and still the same problem... No action, and no control of it once so ever. What "Think Tank Lures" need  to do is make somekind of video we as the buyers can figure out how the hell to do this. Great concept but if majority of us dont know how to use it then its useless.

From: Leng: Siloam Springs, AR

Comments: Add me to the list of people who thinks they got a bad one b/c I took this thing out and I'm telling you there's no way this is user error.  The lure neither worked nor looked like it ever could work.  Threw it on braid and followed the instructions ... the prop doesn't spin, it doesn't "steer" in ANY direction.  It basically just rolls under the surface like a wet noodle.  Needless to say, nothing like what you see on the video.  Just for the record, going to try it out in a swimming pool and if I get the same results, will exchange it for another one in the hopes that it truly was just a bad batch.

From: Dax: Burbank, CA

Comments: Gimmicky looking lure, I know. I was not interested.  However, after I watched the video and saw the control, I had to get it.  As for those of you say it "just comes back on it's side"...yes, that is true, the lure is worked on its side on the retrieve. (I am fairly certain that is by design) HOWEVER, the prop makes some commotion, and the lure it self leaves a nice V-wake.  THE KEY IS TO STOP CRANKING, and let it stop !!! When you start up, it will switch direction.  That is what makes this VERY cool !!! I got mine today and had to try it out. I just tossed it in a drainage basin down the street, I was so excited to see it work.  You can swim this thing back and forth with out a problem..the control is AMAZING !!! It is like walking the dog but you can get in between and under whatever you are fishing near.  I haven't caught a fish on it yet, but based on the control I plan to work it under docks and plan to have fish hooked SOON on this thing !! For $13 bucks I would HIGHLY recommend trying one out !!!

From: Pete: Cleveland, OH

Comments: Beautiful looking bait.  I don't know if it's because of the profile or the way it moves but this puts fish in the boat big time.  Got some nice spots and 2 monster crappie last time out.  I like to fish it a lot slower than in the video but maybe that will change when it warms up.  Sticky hooks holding up fine.  This one will see a lot of action I think it might be a good big fish bait.

From: Dave: Eclectic, AL

Comments: this thing caught me a fish on the first trip i can take this thing to any spot on one cast im 13 and i absolutley hammer the fish.

From: Colin

Comments: My buddy gave me a baby bass said he couldn't work it right it looked cool so I was OK with that.  Had some problems at first and put it away in the box.  Took it out again last week to try some canal fishing in a spot that gets pretty hammered.  After 30 minutes or so I finally got how to work this beast now I have it tied on all the time.  I wish there was a black or real dark color.  Finish looks pretty durable but we'll see.

From: Louis: Ft Lauderdale, FL

Comments: I am having the exact same problem. I wonder if I got a bad batch. They just swim on thier side. I followed the directions on how to work the bait, but the bait doesnt do anything.

Comments: this lure does not work at all..when u cast it out and retrieve it back in..it just comes in on its side and does nothing but look wrong. unless there is something im completely doing wrong...its useless

From: Levi: Sacramento, CA

Comments: I've been waiting for this lure. It runs great  but haven't caught a fish yet. It's steerable and does what the manufacturer claims. I wish it was more noisier or has a bigger presence. Maybe a bigger blade on the back. I think its a bit small and quiet. Maybe they should have a bigger noisier version. Or maybe I'm just used to bigger baits. But I'll keep trying.

From: Chris: Ca Delta

Comments: i just picked a few of these lures,seen alot of videos on them and have tested them in my community indoor pool.let me tell you this lure is going to become a top producer this spring/summer.the ability to toss it into the shallow and banks and control/steer it around logs,laydowns,rocks and weedlines.this thing is going to slay the biggins.

From: Steve: Homer Glen, IL

Comments: After seeing the video for this new lure, I could not wait to try them out. I must say I was not disappointed!  I did find that BRAIDED line works much better than mono with this topwater bait,,, as with the braid you can really "steer" the lure, and control it. This is also a lure that you need to practice different retrieves, but once you get it down, you won't be disappointed!

From: Dennis: Simi Valley, CA

Comments: Pretty cool lure, I waited a long time for this one and now I fish it a lot. Finally a lure I can steer towards whatever I want. This is without a doubt the most different and innovative lure to hit the market in a long time. You want to spend some time learning how to get it to do all its different maneuvers and thankfully the instructions spell that out real easy

From: Rich: Oak View, CA

Comments: Here is a video I found several months ago and have been looking for this lure everywhere. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKCHtMxZckg

From: Rob: Davenport, IA

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