Tightlines UV Bill Lowen Flipp'n Tube 4" 5pk - $6.99

Tightlines teamed up with Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Bill Lowen to create the Tightlines UV Bill Lowen Flipp'n Tube. Utilizing Bill Lowen’s extensive knowledge of flipping and pitching, the Bill Lowen Flippin Tube has all of the features you need to pull bass out of heavy cover, as well as the added benefit of Tightlines' UV color technology. Extensive research by Tightlines lead them to Ultimate Vision (UV), an ultraviolet UV vision enhancer that is focused on those wavelengths of light that bass use the most to search out their prey, but is transparent to human eyes. Tight lines found that bass see and respond to UV colors 3 to 7 times better than to traditional colors. Get your Tightlines UV Bill Lowen Flipp'n Tube 4" today and fish like a true Elite Series Pro.

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Tightlines UV Bill Lowen Flipp'n Tube 4

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  • Black
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  • Blue/Black
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  • Blue Green
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  • Green Purple
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  • Pearl Flash
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