Top Brass Jumbo Peg-It Pegging System - $2.99 to $6.99

The Top Brass Jumbo Peg-It Pegging System is designed to be used with large sinkers and sinkers with wide thru-holes. However, the long thin tapered section allows the Jumbo Peg-It to be used with almost any sinker or bead. The soft, durable and elastic rubber Jumbo Peg-It wedges inside the sinker, pegging the sinker to the fishing line. Now just stretch the rubber and clip it off at the top of the weight and it will stay securely wherever you want it. The soft rubber peg will not damage the line, like a toothpick can, and the weight can be moved up and down the line easily.
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Top Brass Jumbo Peg-It Pegging System

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Jumbo Peg-It 15pk $2.99
Jumbo Peg-It 50pk $6.99

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Comments: These work great. They hold the weight in place and don't fall out but the weight is still easy to slide up or down.

From: Cameron: VA

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