Top Brass The Barb-It 20pk - $2.19

Tired of getting short bit and reeling up your bait only to find it all bunched up at the bottom of the hook. The Top Brass Barb-It solves that problem with its special, easy-to-rig design. Simply thread the Barb-It onto your line before attaching the hook. Then after rigging your soft plastic bait, use the rigging tool to force the Barb-It into the head or your bait. Now your bait won’t slide down the hook shank, and when a fish strikes, your bait is still free to slide up the line away from the hook. Perfect for creatures, grubs, worms and flukes, the Top Brass Barb-It comes in large and small sizes for the perfect fit.

20 per pack + rigging tool

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Top Brass The Barb-It 20pk

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Top Brass The Barb-It 20pk Large $2.19
Top Brass The Barb-It 20pk Small $2.19

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