Toray, the number one selling and most technologically advanced manufacturer of fishing line in Japan, is now available direct in the United States. These lines are engineered to meet the strict scrutiny of Toray's expert technicians, and have undergone rigorous field testing by the Toray pro staff.

Toray BAWO Superhard Polyamide Plus is a 100% Nylon Line with a Watermelon Light Flourescent color. Extraordinarily sensitive, Polyamide Plus works well with hard baits, and has minimal stretch while, maintaining high durability. This is an excellent heavy cover line, and the low stretch ensures that your hook finds home on the set.

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Comments: Personally, a no go for me. The line memory was terrible. Very springy. Was not good for a pitching approach. Maybe it was made for spinning gear.

From: J: USA 3/8/15

Comments: This line is outstanding!  It combines the best attributes of other line types in one high quality package. The easy handling of mono (no line taming issues on my Daiwa Fuego or Abu Soron) Tremendously neat/efficient laydown on reel's spool...goes on much more neatly than fluoro and even braid! Sensitivity and invisibility (Dec. 2013) were comparable to Seaguar InvisX, AbrazX and Red Label...all of which my partner and I have fished for years on Lake Lanier...not sure how the watermelon color is so effective...but the proof was in the eye of the chunky Spotted Bass that we fooled out there in tough conditions today! Toray BAWO Superhard Polyamide Plus is the real deal and offers a viable copolymer solution to the fluoro or mono or....conundrum.  Try a spool, it won't be your last!

From: Brian: Woodstock, GA

Comments: this is my (for now) go-to line line for jigs/plastics/carolina rigs etc. IMO it's kind of a waste of money for reaction baits since you're paying for the sensitivity with this line.  It's about the same price as Berkley 100% and I have trust issues with that stuff, so accordingly, it's not horribly overpriced.  This line fits into the "fluorocarbon alternative" category because of it's low stretch.  It's not as strong as ultragreen or cxx or whatever, but it's probably on par with similar diameter fluoro.  Keep in mind it's close to it's rated breaking strength unlike domestic lines, so look at diameters for comparison..... Knot strength is good.  The best knots for this line are double uni or palomar, it is slick and will slip.  It's more reliable than fluorocarbon, and bounces back after you stretch it, whereas fluoro gets weaker over time.  It's about half way between mono and fluoro as far as sensitivity goes.  If you want an even more sensitive/abrasion resistant mono, check out toray solaroam II super strong (tw doesn't carry it).  It feels like fluorocarbon when fishing bottom baits but it's 100% nylon.  However, unlike it's name suggests, it's not super strong.

From: carphugger: Indy

Comments: I used this line while living in Japan on all my rods except for my finess spinning.  With 4# line I experienced some line twist so I stayed with 6 or 8 and experienced no problems on spinning reels.   Its super strong, blends well in the water column and very manageable.  I have gotten fish out of areas I thought for sure would break off, but the line is tough!  Stateside the price is a little higher but it is worth it! I couldnt think about putting anything but Toray lines on my reels!

From:  Scott: Houston, TX

Comments: 12 # is very strong, acts like fluorocarbon without the set. My line of choice for everything but Cranking.

From: Clayton: Austin, TX

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