Toray, the number one selling and most technologically advanced manufacturer of fishing line in Japan, is now available direct in the United States. These lines are engineered to meet the strict scrutiny of Toray's expert technicians, and have undergone rigorous field testing by the Toray pro staff.

Toray Solaroam Superhard Upgrade is Japan's premier fluorocarbon. Toray's highest quality, all-purpose fluorocarbon is exceptionally strong with high sensitivity and abrasion resistance. Upgrade is truly the best.

Line Diameter 7lb 8lb 10lb 12lb 14lb 16lb 20lb
Inches .009 .010 .011 .012 .013 .014 .016
Millimeters .232 .259 .280 .30 .329 .359 .411

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Comments: good abrasion poor casting high weights line was better.  Lower weights line was inconsistent.

Comments: The best line I've ever used. Period. Incredible strength, unbelievable invisibility (the 10 pound is difficult to even see your line above the water when jig fishing). This stuff is the absolute top of the line. I've caught two bass over 10 lbs this season on 10 pound test. This line also ties great knots, is incredibly abrasion resistant, and lasts a loooong time. Simply the best fluoro available.

From: Sam: Auburn, KS

Comments: I'm using the 20 lbs line in my texas-rig rod and this line is incredible! sensititivity is awsome and abrasion resistance is really really great, this is my go-to line for contact baits, and pichin....

From: Alejandro: Torreon, Coah, Mexico

Comments: This is without a doubt the toughest line I've ever seen. I caught my two personal best largemouth 10-10 and 10-12 on this line in 16# after I had been fishing it for almost six months straight. Abrasion resistance is insane. LOW STRETCH! I think I'll use it next in 12# because I think the 16# was more like 20-22# in brute strength. Not advisable for spinning gear because it is stiff, but that's where the abrasion resistance and sensitivity come from. A welcome trade off in my opinion. Premium Plus and the new Premium Plus Hi-Grade are more managable. However, the more managable it is, the more stretch it has.

From: Phillip: Meridian, MS

Comments: Have used the 10, 12, 14# in the Upgrade as well as their braid. Each is stronger than the number listed. Easily lasts 4X as long in every regard compared to other "premium" lines I have used. This line is quite a leap up from the Berkley, P-line and Suffix top products--night and day. Sunline can't even approach it. The Upgrade fluoro also has a little stretch to it unlike any other. And now I understand they will soon be introducing the highest grade fluoro ever made to the US market, "Premium Plus Hi-Grade". Can't hardly wait. If you want to catch more fish, don't compromise your line choice. Take every advantage you can. This stuff is real fluoro--invisible and super strong.

From: Keith: Escondido, CA

Comments: You get what you pay 4! This line is incredible, Ive been using the same 12# spool on my pitchin combo for over a year and its just as strong now as it was then!!!

From: Sam: Trenton, MI

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