The most noticeable feature of this jig is that the line feeds through a small Teflon lined hole in the front of the jig to the rear eye location, giving this jig 100% knot & tag protection! Tour Edge Lures Jig X uses a heavy gauge Mustad ultra point hook (bent specifically for Jig X!). The Jig X also includes a double rattle holder and a single rattle (which also fits Chunk X Sling!).

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Best jig by far on the market for fishing thick/heavy cover or open water. I've reduced my breakoffs drastically and the hook-up ratio is awesome. If the look at the gap distance between the hook point and the head of the jig, you'll see that it is a greater than other jigs. This allows for a better hook set and missing less fish. Pair this jig with your favorite trailer and the sling-x, and you won't be dissatisfied.

From: Marshall: TX 4/1/15

Comments: NOT A GIMMICK. NOT LOW QUALITY CRAP. THIS JIG IS AWESOME...custom-made/bent Mustad Heavy wire hook. the line feeds right into the head where the line-tie WOULD be (there's a nice insert so won't hurt ur line)and then ties to a hidden/protected line tie behind/under the head. TRUE weedlessness. TRULY catches them. I don't know if the way the line comes thru imparts a different action on the jig, or if it is simply because it's not picking up debris, but for whatever reason I get bit and hook-up MUCH more w/ this jig than almost any other flipping jig I've ever used. And I've caught countless nice ones when swimming it back to the boat so it makes a great swim-jig too if you don't want to commit a whole jig set up/casting set up to a swim jig. Try both with this 1 jig. Get ur knot down though. It comes with directions. a palomar isn't do-able w/ this bait. A clinch knot works fine for me and they have directions in the package for knots. Only downside is that I have broken off slightly more (i feel) than I would w/ a regular jig...but the bites make up for it.

From: Tanner: Southeastern, Massachusetts

Comments: this jig has a lot of advantages: a very strong hook, the knot is always protected and the fiberguard is just fine, i like to use it in bush and trees

From: Lot: Italy

Comments: My #1 jig these are nice. not good in rocks but great in grass and timber.

From: Kentucky, USA

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