Trailer Keepers Bait Hitch - $3.99

The Trailer Keepers Bait Hitch easily attaches to almost any jig head keeping your favorite finesse bait from slipping down the hook. Simple and effective, its perfect for shakey heads, jigheads paired with grubs or craws, and even drop shots. it will help you save money by using fewer baits, and will save you time on the water. Finally a keeper to hold your finesse baits - the Trailer Keepers Bait Hitch.

-Save money because you will use fewer baits
-Save time on the water because you will not need to adjust or re-rig your bait as often
-Fish with confidence knowing your finesse bait stays rigged properly
-Fish more efficiently and more effectively

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Trailer Keepers Bait Hitch

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Comments:  This thing is GREAT.  Does not work on all jig heads, depending on the shape and position of the eye, but it works on most.  I HIGHLY recommend this product.  It does not interfere with the action of the lure and really adds value.

From: Peter: Cleveland, Ohio

Comments: Best trailer keeper for grubs, small swimbaits with a jighead, and makes your trailer last 10x more durable!!

From: Lue: Mpls, MN

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