Hitch SeriesTrailer Keepers "The Trailer" Hitch

The Trailer Keepers The Trailer Hitch is one of the most versatile bait keepers you will ever find. Simple and effective, it easily attaches to almost any flipping jig, football jig, swim jig, chatterbait style bait, spinnerbait, buzzin-style frog or soft swimbait. Anyone from a pro to a beginner will benefit from using the Trailer Keepers The Trailer Hitch. Easy to use with proven results!

-Save money by using fewer baits every trip
-Save time on the water with less re-rigging or constantly adjusting your bait
-Fish more efficiently - more time with your bait in the strike zone.  More casts = More bites
-Fish more effectively - you'll be confident knowing your bait stays rigged properly each and every cast.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I won't fish jigs without these keeper anymore. Simple, but unbelievably effective. Incredible how long a trailer will last. I know they've cut the number of trailers I go through by more than half, and no more trailer sliding down the hook and screwing up a cast or pitch.

From: Rob: MN

Comments:  If you like to jig fish, this is a great product.  It will save you a lot of time on the water and money.  You don't have to spend a lot of time constantly pushing your plastic trailer back up the hook, and you won't go through near as many plastics trailers.  In addition, I am more confident in the bait I am fishing because I know the bait is always giving the appearance I want under the water. It fits most baits I have tried it on but there are a couple it doesn't fit well on.  However, I have found I can manipulate the Trailer Hitch to fit them also.  It also works well on spinnerbaits, chatterbaits and buzzbaits.

Comments: I can't tell you how much money these have saved me.  I went from 3 bags of plastics a day down to 1!!

From: Brent: MN

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