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Packed with an incredible amount of detailing, the Trendsetter Double Willow Silver Blade Spinnerbait is a perfectly balanced, snag resistant lure with a penchant for finding bass. A hidden weight is built along the shaft of the super sharp 1X long Trokar hook, allowing the Trendsetter Double Willow Silver Blade Spinnerbait to track true and prevent rolling at any retrieval speed. The compact design of the spinnerbait generates long distance casts with very little effort and displays the polished silver plated blades in an enticing manner that no fish can ignore. Made from only the highest quality components, the Trendsetter Double Willow Silver Blade Spinnerbait features a hand tied skirt for a fuller and more natural looking body, low profile ball bearing swivels and premium 3D epoxied eyes. Constructed with a multiple-stage powder coating and an extra layer of chip resistant finish, the Trendsetter Double Willow Silver Blade Spinnerbait will make a durable and highly effective addition to your tackle box. 

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