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The Trendsetter TROKAR Football Swivel-Head offers a free-swinging presentation that gives it a number of key advantages over traditional fixed jig heads. Ideal for dragging along the bottom, the Trendsetter TROKAR Football Swivel-Head provides soft plastics with an unrestrained, more natural movement while being rigged weedlessly. In addition, the Trendsetter TROKAR Football Swivel-Head's pivotal design makes it harder for bass to use the jig as leverage to spit the hook, resulting in more landed fish.

Built using TROKAR hooks – the world’s sharpest hooks, the Trendsetter TROKAR Football Swivel-Head delivers lightning fast hook sets with half the pressure of other jigs. Complete with a durable 4-stage powder coating process, the Trendsetter TROKAR Football Swivel-Head provides a lively presentation that stands out among all the rest.  

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