Incredible life-like action is the trademark of the Trigger X Aggression Flappin’ Craw.  Its claws rise in a defensive position when the bait's at rest, and they also generate a mild kicking action on the retrieve thanks to Flappin' Craw's precise bio-salt infused formulation.  The Flappin’ Craw also has just enough heft to match well with a variety of jig sizes, and like all Trigger X Aggression baits, it's loaded with UltraBite Aggression Pheromones. This custom blend of aggression and fear pheromones mimics the natural predator versus prey response - triggering a predator’s feeding instinct.  Available in several colors, each Trigger X Aggression Flappin Craw also features a phthalate-free soft plastic composition that eliminates the “plastic” smell found in other soft baits - putting an end to scent contamination.

Length Quantity
3" 8
4" 6

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: Absolutely LOVE these trailers, i use the 4'' ones for my football jigs and the 3'' ones for my swim jigs and pitching, great action when they are swam and on the fall, definitely recommend you try these for yourself!

From: Karson: Wheatland, CA 1/20/15

Comments: I used these for about a week and the claws seem to fall off without much pressure. After about 5 or 6 casts one of the claws would fall off. Needless to say I wouldn't recommend these

From: Jacob: Plymouth, MN 12/25/14

Comments: An great bait to put on as a jig trailer or a football jig trailer. Produces tons of bass that bite this bait every time. Only issue is the durability of the bait. Typically the claws do come off after your first or second fish, but this happens with lots off other baits to. All in all its a great bait that also works great as a trailer for a jig.

From: Jake: USA 8/23/14

Comments: These things have no flapping action whatsoever at slow or fast speeds, they are a good football jig trailer in the winter when you don't want a whole lot of action.

From: Sam: USA 3/2/14

Comments: I love this bait first time with it a bass smashed it  can't wait to fish with it more!

From: Brendan: Hanoverton, OH

Comments: For some reason the Bass can't stop biting this craw. I fish them on Jigs as a trailer and TX rigged, both way produce Bass for me. This is my goto craw when others has failed.

From: Fish Guru: CMH, Ohio

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