Designed to swim with an accelerated scissor-kicking action, the Trigger X Aggression Frog features an elongated body and stumpy legs - producing the critical balance of characteristics to trigger strikes.  Easy to rig, the Aggression Frog’s weight and body shape allow for the super long casts, and its ribbed texture causes fish to hold on longer. Like all Trigger X Aggression baits, the Frog is also loaded with UltraBite Aggression Pheromones, a custom blend of aggression and fear pheromones that mimic the natural predator versus prey response - and trigger a predator’s natural feeding instinct.  Available in several colors, each Trigger X Aggression Frog also features a phthalate-free soft plastic composition that eliminates the “plastic” smell found in other soft baits - putting an end to scent contamination.

Length Quantity
4" 6

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: GREAT frog landed a 8 1/2 pounder on this bait! best rigged on a owner 5ought hook.

From: Cody: Hilliard, FL

Comments:  Used it for the first time today. Water temps are 45deg. While bass fishing on my third cast from shore a three pound rainbow attacked it. The RB just came from no where and kept slamming it with it's nose for about two minutes. Finally, after getting a reaction strike I landed it. A few guys fishing near me were there for hours with out a bight. They were in awe that I was bass fishing and landed a Rainbow.
There is definitely something about this frog that gets the fish going.

From: Carl: Derby, CT

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