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The Trigger X Aggression Hodad is a unique tube-style bait loaded with UltraBite Aggression Pheromones. This custom blend of aggression and fear pheromones mimics the natural predator versus prey response - triggering a predator’s feeding instinct. Each bait also features a phthalate-free soft plastic composition that eliminates the “plastic” smell found in other soft plastics. The Hodad has a hollow center and uses differing densities of plastic throughout its body. It has a thinner wall on the belly, so it is very soft and pliable, and the back of the bait is thicker, which combined with a solid head, allows it to hold a Texas-rigged hook very well. A great flipping and pitching bait, the Trigger X Aggression Hodad’s streamlined body helps it penetrate thick cover with ease, and its long flapping antennas provide constant motion as it comes to rest on the bottom - luring fish in.

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Comments: Perfect! Now my first choice when it comes to texas rigs for smallies or even for largemouths when I got a go more finesse. And the bait last all the fights with the hard bottom body. Book's off: always in my tackle.

From: Thierry: Montreal, Canada 12/11/14

Comments: not a very good bait. pitched it right n front of a bedding bass and no interest. switched to a sweet beaver and nailed him within seconds. bass just don't like em

From: Tyler

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