Designed by Elite Series veteran, Davey Hite, the Trigger X Drop Dead Minnow is more than just your average fluke-style bait. Hite had some key features he wanted the bait to have, and spent a considerable amount of time getting it just right. For one, when you stop your retrieve, it sinks in a dying quivering motion, even spiraling down like a dying baitfish, hence the name - the Drop Dead Minnow. Bass just can’t resist the chance at gobbling up an easy meal, and absolutely smash the Drop Dead Minnow.

You can also burn it extremely fast and it will swim straight and not roll over like other baits. A great choice around the Country, Hite designed it especially for lakes with a lot of blueback herring, like his home lake - Lake Murray. Available in a variety of colors, the Trigger X Drop Dead Minnow is also loaded with UltraBite Aggression Pheromones for additional fish attraction. This custom blend of aggression and fear pheromones mimics the natural predator versus prey response - triggering a predator's feeding instinct.

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5" 8

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Comments: In the water, these look exactly how Trigger X says they do: Dead. However, for some reason, bass can's resist.

From: Logan: LA 4/11/14

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