The Trigger X Goo Bug is one of the key baits Jacob Wheeler used to secure his 2012 FLW Forrest Wood Cup victory on Lake Lanier, becoming the youngest ever to win the Cup, and taking home $500,000 in prize money.

A tremendous heavy cover bait, the Trigger X Goo Bug features a unique tail design that allows it to fish like two baits in one. When you fish it with the tail intact, it glides seductively on the fall, maximizing time in the strike zone, and when you split the tail, you have two life-like craw pinchers that flap and flutter on the fall and at to its killer crawfish profile. On a jig head with a split tail, the claws will also float up and assume a perfect defensive position when resting on the bottom. Available in a range of proven colors, the Trigger X Goo Bug is loaded with Trigger X's Ultrabite Aggression Pheromones that combine natural "aggression" and "fear" pheromones to mimic the real life predator vs. prey response.

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4" 8

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Excellent flipping bait.  I would rate them better than most beaver style baits.  The body is thick, and very durable allowing for use of a bigger hook.  They last much longer than other beaver baits, have caught up to 6 fish on one bait.  Also makes for a good jig trailer, if you cut the paddle apart.  Whatever this thing smells like, the fish certainly like it--they hold on to it like no other baits I have fished.  Delta Red is an awesome color, works well for clear to stained water

From: Brad: TX

Comments: This thing is very durable, lasts several fish, fished it with 3/4 oz tungsten and punch skirt, fish like it and it lasts even with shrink tube bait keeper on my hooks

From: J: Northwest

Comments: picked up a few packs of these and have been very impressed.  Rigged it Texas w a 3/8 oz tungsten and a 4/0 hook and that has been the ticket for pitching and flipping around brush and docks.  I've caught three over 3lbs and several 2lbs or better.  Muck is the color that was working last weekend, have picked up a few others since then.  Durability seems better than the havoc pit boss and the action is good too.  This bait comes through the water better than some beaver style baits that kinda seem to glide and can look unnatural.  I would def recommend this if you like pitching and flipping plastic creature baits.  Remember, sometimes downsizing your bait will get you quality strikes.

From: JG: Nashville, TN

Comments: love this bait you can rig it weight Less on a belly weight swim bait hook or use it as a jig trailer. It I's a very durable bait and has that interesting scent that most of triggers products have.  I have caught a ton of qualaty large and small mouth bass on it and is my goto and will always have some in my boat

From: Josh: OR

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