Throughout the years, many baits come and go. Some barely make a ripple and others, like the Ichiban Minnow (aka the Balsa Pro) make a huge splash that keeps going even after production has ceased.

Now, with the Triton Mike Bucca Balsa Bull anglers can once again enjoy the incredible topwater walking action of the Ichiban Minnow without paying an exorbitant price for the hard-to-find lure.

Constructed from a painstaking reverse-engineering process, which included X-rays, 3D scans, and other analysis methods, the Triton Mike Bucca Balsa Bull gives anglers an exact replica of the Balsa Pro. And when we say exact, we mean – EXACT. From the triple foil finish and wire construction to the precise weighting, the Triton Mike Bucca Balsa Bull possesses all of the attributes that made the original so effective. Whether you’ve thrown the real McCoy or not, the Triton Mike Bucca Balsa Bull is sure to make a lasting impression with it’s distinctive action and lifelike baitfish patterns. 

Triton Mike Bucca Length Weight Class
Balsa Bull  4" 2/3oz Topwater 

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I was leery of buying another triton mike product after a bad batch of bull shads, but i gotta give this bait 2 thumbs up. I have another bait i like better for 'tight walking', but it's out of production so i can't recommend it. For wider walking i still prefer a tuned spook, but this is a good bait, should outfish a sammy easily. I also feel there's room for improvement regarding the hooks, need to play with dif sizes a bit more to get it dancing at it's best. For newer/inexperienced topwater fisherman- 14lb mono is where it's at with tw walkers (i like sufix siege myself).

From: Brian: USA 8/20/14

Comments: Bought 2 of these a month ago and this is the best walking bait I have ever used! Went out in Steinhatchee FL on the Gulf Coast and tore up the trout and reds on this. The people I was fishing with were using the Sammy 90 and 100, as well as a Skitterwalk but I was able to out fish them 3 to 1. A bit pricey, but worth it to me!

From: John: Jacksonville, FL 8/7/14

Comments: Very, very good walking bait, effortless movement. Nice to have an old school bait on the market again. Can't wait to see what Bucca makes next!!!

From: Mike: IA

Comments: This bait appears to be the real deal and a whole lot less expensive.   Good weight and sits in the water and walks correctly, a little cold to catch them on it yet but this will be my walking bait for 2014 and beyond

From: JJ: IA

Comments: I purchased some of these a few ago and haven't really had a chance to fish them but I did walk out to my pond to see how they work. They sit and work just like the original and are one of the easiest to walk baits I have ever used. In my opinion they are well worth the price and they are anything like Triton Mike's Bull Shad then they should be some fish catching machines.

From: Chip: Wesson, MS

Comments: I got a couple of these off of Bucca's website the second I saw them.  I'm a big fan of the Balsa Pros and been fishing them since the 90s.  I was able to try these on the water and to my surprise, the walking ease, action, and casting distance; are identical to the originals.  There are some very slight visual differences, but that's to be expected in a wood bait.  I'm very pleased with the Balsa Bulls I received and know these will be a fish catcher, just like the original; and they're a fraction of the cost.  Have you tried looking Balsa Pros up on ebay?  Don't bother anymore.  These fish the same.  Very impressed!  If you don't own one already, you will later; after all the fish reports come in.  Really love the Shimmer Shad.

From: Mitch: AZ

Comments: I've fished the Balsa Pro back in the early 90's when it first came out so I am very familiar with them.  The fact that I am actually down to my last 10 of the originals I bought some of these balsa bull to try and compared them.  Surprisingly it is a very good match of the original when you place them side by side  and it apprears to be a wire through design just like the original.  But to me the truest test is how they walk.  I had 1 buddy tie on a balsa bull and I tied on the Balsa Pro and side by side and action wise and we simply could not tell the difference between the two baits based on how they walked.  2 Thumbs up!  

From: Jeff: Yorba Linda, CA

Comments: While I've never owned a Balsa Pro I can honestly say the Balsa Bull has the best walking action of any topwalker I have used.  It also casts a country mile without tumbling.  All I need now is for the water to warm up.

From: Kohl: Taylorsville, GA

Comments: Was hoping these were close with the hype in the Description of this bait. Very cheap looking and unfinished. A lot of corners were cut on this bait. Very poor Chinese translation.

From: Mike: Orange, CA

Comments: These things are the real deal. I got them the day they came out and I can say they are as close as you can get without spending $100 for an original. I have 7 of the originals. On the water comparison: they sit the same, weigh the same, walk the same. This is going to be my go to walking bait this year.

From: Chris: NC

Comments: Wow...these look like a perfect replica and Mike is obsessive about getting his baits JUST right. I'm sure the action is as good as the OF Ichiban dog.

From: Tanner: Fall River, MA

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