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The Tru-Tungsten Hackney Frog Hook provides an innovative, effective, and weedless method for rigging soft plastic frogs or toads like the Zoom Horny Toad, the Gambler Cane Toad, the Mann's Hard Nose Swim Toad, the Sizmic Toad, or the Strike King Rage Tail Toad.

To rig, insert the hook into the belly of the toad, and push it out of the nose. Tie it on, and insert the hooks through the plastic of the back. The kinked hook shank prevents the toad from slipping down the hook on casts or on short strikes, and the bend of the hook ensures that the hook points sit snugly against the back of the bait to prevent snagging in the slop. The hook design also helps the bait land on it's belly (to prevent fouling in weeds), and provides a sort of keel to help the bait run straight without rolling.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: They work alright but imo any frog hook that I use in the future will have a spring for frog attachment.  I tried to straighten this one out a little to add a hitchhiker and snapped the hook in to three pieces so not sure what the other reveiwer means when he says the hook bends.  The steel is not tempered at all.

From: Matt: Arlington, MA

Comments: I will say that these frog do increase your hook up ratio although the do not fit the soft plastic frogs all that well.

From: Stephen

Comments: one of the few frog hooks that actually work

Comments: I tried a pack of these last summer and they arnt too bad. the bend pretty easy, but man do they improve your hook up ratio. They dont fit well in some frogs also

From: Bassboy 17: Kelso, WA

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