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The Tru-Tungsten Tru-Life 4" Swimbaits are a collaborative design created by swimbait kings Ish Monroe and Matt Newman. Each Tru-Life bait comes with 2 removable tungsten balls that can be added to the built in chamber. The tungsten balls can be added or subtracted to customize the fall rates. The 4" Tru-Life is available in two versions, a WAKE/SLOW SINKING to catch fish when they are feeding on top or shallow and a SLOW/FAST sinking version to get down faster and deeper. Tru-Life Swimbaits mimic a fish's natural movement utilizing a four segment design and adjustable weight chamber technology. Life-like scales, eyes and paint make this an irresistible bait for bass and other game fish.

Click here to see some video on Tru-Life baits with Ish Monroe at ICAST '08.

Note: To achieve a tighter fitting of the sectional pin and avoid the bait from falling apart during use, bend the middle of the pin slightly, before replacing it into the bait.

Slow/Fast approx .6 oz
Wake/Slow approx .48 oz
Both Ball Weights approx .1 oz

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Customer Reviews

Comments: this was popular early 2000-2006 i remember but i only caught one fish with these, they were on sale year ago and was cheap, they don't sell them anymore were i live so i look at them, they came in more colors i have only one left now. Its good price compared to bbz tiny swimbait, i would believe they both similar in action though.

From: Alex

Comments: i did not buy this but some guy caught a 5 pound bass on the blue gill color

From: IL

Comments: Buy the Uncle Josh 4-flex Shad 4'' swimbait instead.  The same overall design but much better paint job and better joints.

From: PT: IL

Comments: i got the fast sink and this thing is just so hard to get under the surface like no matter how slow i fish it its like on top of the water nice action tho fished it once nothing..

From: Jake

Comments: good bait

From: Ike: ME

Comments: They catch fish but BREAK too easily.  I bought three, one broke on the first fish, the second one shattered after just a view fish.  

From: Nate, Ohio

Comments: it was a great bait i caught 4 fish earlier in 30 minutes till a 10 lb catfish broke my line   shut up with all this trying to sound professional junk   buy it its a good bait

From: nobony

Comments: I fished the slow sink version, baby bass, for the first time last week.  Would give it a couple of cranks then pop it so it would turn around.  Looks just like an injured fish in the water.  I caught 2 LMB's and 2 Pickerel on my first 8 casts.  Had to stop fishing it because we headed to weedier waters, but this is a pretty good lure for the cost.  Will pick up another one.

From: Steve: Boston, MA

Comments: I got the Crome Blue, after reading the comments, i first just fished it w/o the Balls it did good so i put both Balls in & clued the ends. I did not catch anything on it today but it is a good lure & as Spring get here, it should do just fine.

From: Michael: Charlotte, NC

Comments: I purchased 15 of the 4" models a while back because of the price. Only 4 /15 had good action. The other 11 were poorly made and didn't swim very good. You could tell just by touching them that the tail portion wasn't making a full swing when rotated. And then a few of the eyes fell off before they even got wet. I'm dead serious... This is str8 up junk! I never had this problem with the larger 5" models ever. Huge disapointment. I will never spend another dime on the 4" models.

From: Fisher: CO

Comments: Great action. And it is cheap. They dont only get HAMMERED by bass. I caught a steelhead on the rainbow trout pattern.

From: Jack: Lafayette, CA

Comments: Well I have to say that I looked at this bait many times cruising the tackle warehouse site but reading the reviews I was very skeptical of buying this lure. After much contemplation I read enough some good some bad. I knew that upon receiving the bait that I was certainly going to make some adjustments to the lure to save some headache. I am very new to the swimbait market but do have some experience using the Bass Pro Shops Z9 swimbait series as well as the BBZ1 and some soft swimbaits like Huddleston's. I was very excited to get these baits in the water and see what they would do and here is what I can share in a honest review of the bait.

1st of all I don't know who we are trying to kid all of these things feel like cheap toys whether it be the tru tungsten, SPRO BBZ1 or the Bass Pro Z9 baits.

2nd of all I took 6-10 cast with my SPRO BBZ1 Sexy Shad swimbait and it came back with a huge chunk of paint missing and that is straight up a $20.00 swimbait. I took about the same amount with the tru tungsten and it came back with a huge chunk of paint missing.

3rd of all take the advise of the writer who said that you should either epoxy the pin or I used gorilla super glue to secure that pin. This is a great idea for being able to make a versatile bait and change the depth range but it really needed a little more RND because it did not take me long to realize with repeated hard cast this pin is going to come out.

4th of all this bait HAS AN AMAZING swimming action! However, it is very touchy with your retrieval and it can almost feel like you are dragging the bait through the water. But when it is retrieved rightly it creates a nice little disturbance under the water and can feel it right through the rod tip into your hand.

5th of all I have not landed a fish with this lure but I did have a fish HAMMER this bait! I got it within 20 ft of the shore and the fish came


Comments: mine fell apart in the water  only got the head back swims good but needs work

Comments: Great @ $6.99 They swim very nice and real

From: Sonny: East Wareham, MA

Comments: very dissopointed with this swimbait. even at 6.99 it feels like a cheap toy out of the 50 cent machines. awful!

From: Leng: AR

Comments: great action but on first day on the water the pin fell out mabey you could put tape on it i dont know i give it 2/5

From: Tim: NJ

Comments: This is a great bait. I have caught so many fish on the shad color. I recommend you buy this bait but match the color to what the bass are feeding on.

From: Brenden: CA

Comments: I have been fishing this product since it has come onto the market. great bait for river smallies and fall flats on lakes. not my bait of choice when going for bigger largemouths in lakes. stop and go retrieves with a twitch is a great retrieve. I have had or current have around 30 of these baits and only had a few with paint issues.

From: Scott: Pittsburgh, PA

Comments: Good bait!  the concept of the tungsten balls is good but it needs some improvment....   Sve yourself alot of frustration and just super glue the pin into the bait with the desired amount of balls inside.  I have caught a good amount of fish on this bait and i havnt seen any paint flaking off...  

From: Joe: Wisconsin, USA

Comments: Awesome bait. Got 2 big kickers, 1 of which put me in the money!!!

From: Justin: Montreal, Canada

Comments: I don't get all the bad rap these lures are getting. Yeah the paint chips pretty easy, but that don't stop the fish from bitting. I think it helps them looked wounded giving the fish another reason to slam 'em. Great baits though! I caught plenty of nice fish here in Northern WI. 4 and 5 pounders. Even caught a huge 8 pounder on the trout color. Great bait, super versitle and they CATCH FISH!!

From: Charlie: Eau Clair, WI

Comments: Purchase at your own risk!  This is my first foray into the TruTungsten product line and may be my last.  I mistakenly bought a few of these from another distributor that does not post reviews, had I read the reviews at TW I probably would have held off. 

I got these baits for 10 dollars each but thats about all there worth. . .if that.  The concept is great the engineering and quality of the lure is sub-par.  I had thought I was pretty safe with Tru-tungsten name but wasn't impressed.  The lure swims pretty well and casts good but the removable pin is a real problem.  I can't see how you would be able to continually remove and reinstall the pin without eventually wearing out the hole and having the pin fall out.  Which in reading the other reviews is a fact.  The lure does run to the surface on retrieve even with all the ballast installed. 

I can't comment on the fast sinking model but the surface model porpoise's.  You must also be extremely careful as to reintalling the pin if you push a lil too hard you can push it through the top of the lure. . .as I did I had to epoxy the top fin.  I would probably recommend finding how you want to use the lure as a surface lure or sub-surface lure install the balls and epoxy the pin in permanently.  The paint is of poor quality also.  The next show I go to if theres a Tru Tungsten booth I'm talking to the guy there. If you want a quality swimbait look at the H20 xpress.  Problem is you can only find them on ebay if you live in the northeast.  They do sell them down South in a line of stores of which the name escapes me.

From: Steve: W. Milford, NJ

Comments: This lure is ok the quality is not the best i expect more from a $20 lure, i got the tru craw fast sink paint is worn off after a couple of bass (they where only about 3 to 4 pounds) i will probably wont buy again, tru tungsten needs to rethink this lure.

From: Jesse: Elk Grove, CA

Comments: A super waste of money, I used it for the first time and lost half of the lure because the pin came out when I was hooked up on a bass. The paint chips really easy too.

From: Alec, California, USA

Comments: Extremely poor quality bait don't waste the time and money. The action is horrible most of the time you're just dragging it through the water. I took the pin out on my slow to fast sink and upon putting the pin back in it chipped off a huge section of the bait. Tru-tungsten should be ashamed to have their name on this; it really makes me rethink buying any of their products now.

From: Ryan: Euless, TX

Comments: Don't waste your money on these.  Poor quality and engineering.  Lost the mid section and tail to a smallmouth because the pin came loose.  Paint chips extremely easily.  Better swimbaits out there in the $20 range.  Don't bother with these, you'll regret it.

 From: Rich: Indiana, USA

Comments: Looks great in the water; but paint chips easy. Had one fish today and now the paint on the head and back are missing. Overall great action, not so good quality.

From: Josh: Stem, NC

Comments:People don't waste your money! These baits are either defective or just plain cheap! For $20 per bait, I expect a bait to hold up a lot better than this one did!

From:Darrel: Winter Haven, FL

Comments:I lost this lure on a big smallie fishing in St. Croix river...I still need to purchase 2 more...It's a great swimbait, but the material chips easy, and it's hard to get it to dive to the depth you want it to go to...Other than that it catches fish...

From:Issac: Roseville, MN

Comments:Great bait, works really well, but not durable at all. I have bought two baits both are now broken from fish. I expected more for my money and am disappointed in the quality of the product and materials used when making this product.

From:Brian: San Antonio, TX

Comments:Cool little baits but the quality is poor for the price. After my first bass the paint job was destroyed. I've contacted Tru-Tungsten and they are replacing my bait but for $20, I expected a lot better quality. These baits are not worth more than $10, so don't make the same mistake I did. Very disappointing.

From:Justin: Sterling, IL

Comments:I love to burn this bait, the bass will not let it pass them without a taste (best swim bait I have ever used).

From:Jesse: Phoenix, AZ

Comments:Great colors and action. Really wish the fast sink rate was truly that. Even with both weights added it would sink slow and rise to the top at a moderate retrieve.

From:David: Hobbs, NM

Comments: This bait is o.k. but not great. I thought for once, with the tungsten bearings as weights, it would stay down on faster retrieves, but like all the other multi-piece swim baits, you have to work it really slow....and I even tried putting suspendots on them, but still, the best way to work is short slow retrieves, with pauses and rod tip twitches. Nice color selection.

From: First Name: Anthony City, State, Country: Ft. Lauderdale, Fl., U.S.A.

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